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The SnakeBite

Thought I'd share with you guys the results of my latest small project.  This was mainly to practice my hydro-dipping skills (as has been mentioned previously).  I won't turn this into a photo blog style post, although I have documented nearly all of the steps (I didn't take any photos of the internals... but it's a firestrike, so...).

The handles came out great, but I had to re-dip the main body, and didn't get all the goop off after the dip - 2 important lessons were learnt about amount of activator and not rushing the rinsing process.  Overall I'm pleased with the result as it's my first attempt at hydro-dipping a blaster (test bit's don't count do they?).  There were a few areas that required touching up, so that was a new experience for me, but a fun one (minds out of the gutter you lot!).

Anyway, here's a picture or 2 or 3 (as the lighting was bad, and the best shot I got of the blaster was when it was apart):

This one is my favourite one, the colours really stand out I think.

Here's a quick run through of work done to the internals (this won't be a long list):

Blasterparts Upgrade Spring (no idea what the rate is, but it's beefier than the stock one)
Upgraded catch spring
AR removed (not the big flat orange bit in the plunger tube though)
Dart post removed (not sure if this was part of the AR system or not - but it's gone now Smile)
Teflon taped the plunger head
Replaced the LED with the strongest one that won't blind a person

That's it... told you it wouldn't be long.

Anyway, it looks good (to me) and performance is better - so I'll take that for the win!
UK Foam

Tasty little firestrike!

That's a really nice colour scheme, nice and bold, good strong colour!!

Considering its your first time hydro dipping it has turned out really, really cool!

I would be very happy with this!

Looking forward to seeing more from you.

I can concur with the hydro-dipping learning curve lol, I tried it for the first time on my latest build too.
The Dark Kitten

Very very very nice!
With that job i'd expect it to be shooting fire as well.

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