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It's been over a year since I posted on the blog. Renovating and moving house last summer meant that things had to slide and unfortunately the blog had to take a back seat.

When recently referring to an article I wrote, I was amazed to see that the page views have soared in my absence and so I was thinking of firing the old girl up again.

My question is this...

Is blogging a dead format? With so many good Nerf blogs closing over the last couple of years it seems to be something of a dying art. Do people prefer to sit back and watch a YouTube video rather than trawling through a blog article?

I'm interested to hear your thoughts.

Blogs are infinitely more searchable than a video...

I follow the blog/vlog that posts regularly, called Pure Living for Life, a usa homestead couple. They use the vlog to show you, and simultaneously put up a blog post with more detail on certain aspects and the nitty gritty on costs etc

I'm a pretty compulsive reader (and re-reader of the abandoned ones) of a lot of blogs and thats heavily contributed to my interest in nerfing, especially before I was brave enough to ask questions here.  It helps that I can read them in the middle of the night when insomnia strikes - I've been informed that the sound of MTB's Australian accents or FDS's flywheels, via YouTube, can be a bit of a shock at 03:00!!  So, yeah, I'd appreciate more blog posts  Very Happy

blindgeekuk wrote:
Blogs are infinitely more searchable than a video..

This. A thousand times this. There are a 1001 Nerf Youtube channels out there but very few blogs. There are very few occasions where video is more efficient an information source than a blog. Smile

I actually much prefer to read than watch, especially as I am on the go quite a lot and is nice to pop out the phone and give something a read. Also as mentioned late at night reading is the better option as to not angry the sleeping wife.

Blogs are easier to refer to at work...

Thanks guys.

So next question is this. Historically I've always tried to keep the blog separate from my modding activities. I'm not really sure why. I guess it feels a little narcissistic. Would people be interested to read about the projects I'm working on or should it be kept separate?

Work in progress is good content. Might motivate a few of us to finish off our own projects.

Work in progress are probably the most current thing to blog about. As old man said it will give the rest of us a kick up the back side.

And for the newer modders amongst us we would probably benefit seeing how a master does it.

Both together is more useful to someone like me!

I would say that a YouTube video channel would be better for you with regards to views/consumers, as that does seem to be the go-to way to consume information currently, (also as YouTube is google owned I've noticed that video's appear quite near the top in results) but a written blog is much easier for a reader to understand and refer to things, for example if your doing a modification guide (with pictures). Youtube also automatically lets subscribers know you have a new video and as RSS seems to have become less and less used a written blog may not do that.

I like the approach that Barry Lewis has taken with his cookery YouTube channel "My Virgin Kitchen", All his rescipe's have a video going through how the food item is made, but the details are a little glossed over, if you then visit the linked page on his website the ingredients and steps required are gone into more detail and are therefore easier to follow in the kitchen.

This is the link to the Homemade Rolo's recipe I recently followed.

Just my 2 cents Smile

Blogger, where the UKNerf blog is hosted, is also owned by Google. Smile Personally, I rarely bother with Youtube when looking for information. I've lost count of the number of times I've looked on Reddit and seen that the content that I might be interested in has been a Youtube link and gone "meh". Content has to be truly special or worth it for me to bother with video.

Blogs complement videos, I don't think either's better or worse but it feels like in Nerf, a huge amount of content that'd work best in text ends up in videos, because everone wants to be a videographer (I refuse to say vlog!). And a huge amount of content that'd be best in a blog- coherent and durable- ends up living the mayfly life on reddit.

I think it depends what you want to achieve. Want attention, or to throw out something fun and new? Reddit or youtube. Want to be a useful resource? Blog. And I'm afraid to say, want to do it all? Do it all.

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