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The what did everyone get thread!!!

I got nothing Nerfy. Had everything I wanted (was scared a Hailfire or CAM might appear)

Tactical gloves that match my holster and Stampedes is a tenuous link i guess..

Other than that just clothes and cash. Got to the point where i am awkward to buy for

Apparently my parents almost bought me a NIB Crossbow but thought it would be too old for me to be interested in it ;_;

Other than that, no Nerf stuff, but a lot of things that are cool/interesting. Got Zombie Munchkin, which I may bring along to a post-war meeting at some point Smile

I got a new flashlight, an ammo tin lunchbox and a credit card multi-tool.

Oh, and 2-in-1 steam cleaner. I love my new steamer. I got all excited and cleaned the oven this afternoon!

Truly steam powered steam punk mod to come next?

I am just jealous, I hate oven cleaning...

Im writing this reply  at 1.30 in the moring after 1ltr of jack daniels so please excuse  any mistakes  but i got a sledgefire, a crossfire,a hammershot and a xd strongarm .I also  made sure santa drop offed  a rhino fire for my daughter so all in all not a bad day..hic,,,

lets see ....
lodes of sugary things
the usual tut or clothes and deodorant packs
2 DVD's
a software package
and 70 in cash
and apparently theirs more coming...
Blue Sun Merc


No, really. And it's hil-aaaaaa-rious Very Happy

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