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Thinking of getting Mega Cycloneshock- Cheap Mega Darts?

As per the title really.  I did a search across the forum and couldn't find too much info.  If anyone has one and cares to share the pros and cons I'd be grateful.

The main question I have - is there a seller/place to get cheap mega darts?  I'm conscious that I'm well stocked up on "elite" style darts, and this will require further investment in a different dart type.



Title edited for clarity. ON


I have one. It's a great hand cannon.

My only issue is the catch mechanism keeps failing - could be the extra spring I have in it, but i don't believe it's as powerful as some people have in them. Could just be a duff one i own.

As for darts - I'm afraid the Nerf brand ones are superior to any Chinese knock offs I've tried.

They are fun modded but do break. An orange trigger model from will outrange U.K. grey trigger without breaking.
I can only second OMN in saying every off brand Mega I have tried was rubbish. Look out in Nerf Sale thread, that's where I get cheap genuine mega.

I wouldn't say rubbish but definitely less good than genuine- there's 2 main breeds of copy megas I've found, which to me are "shiny hats" (which come in blue as well as red, and have shiny tips, dur) and "no holes", which look more genuine but have really fat foam and terrible tip adhesion... I keep meaning to do some crono nerding with them but for now all I know is they're good enough for mucking about but I wouldn't want to trust them.

The main downer is that they're so delicate- way more so than elite sized darts. So shipping from abroad is pure pot luck, I've never had an order arrive with less than 20% of the darts squished to death and I had a couple where there wasn't a single usable dart. always got my money back but it's a pain.

OldNoob wrote:
They are fun modded but do break. An orange trigger model from will outrange U.K. grey trigger without breaking.

Does that mean in the UK it's generally the grey trigger versions available?  Seems like a strange decision as all the other blasters in the UK are orange trigger (as far as I know).

All uk mega is grey trigger. The dart is bigger and heavier, therefore velocity is derped to keep it EU legal. Buy soon as the US is due to have its nerfs nerfed this year.

I love the cycloneshock, it only has one flaw.

It fires big daft goofy hotdog sized darts. Get it rebarrelled for elites and with the right spring it hits 110fps.

Only issue I have had was under the heavy spring load the metal reinforcement pin at the back of the plunger rod started to bend causing some problems.  I knocked the stock pin out. Bored out the hole slightly and put a stronger one in.

Better still though, make a spam cannon

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