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This Film is Going To Be Great for HvZ

Hopefully the much anticipated Pride and Predjudice Vs Zombies avoids being snakes on a plane in costume.
This makes me very sad I sold my Rifle Brigade uniform when I stopped re-enactment. You could have massive fun with this theme and some silly muzzle loaders.

This look awesome. Thought it might have been a bit low budget at first.

As for a theme for HvZ I like that idea. Front loaders and Mele weapons only?

Good idea Mr Darcy.
Any game should culminate in either a Zombie wedding or end at the ball scene at Netherfield, with a total gore fest and added dancing, "Why Lizzie, there's mr Whickham, gorging himself on the grey matter of our cousin Mr Collins..." Etc etc..
It might finally be a film both myself and Mrs ON can go to the cinema together to see! Obviously I shall neglect to mention the zombies.

A themed HVZ would be awesome.

As someone who was forced to watch the 6 hour BBC adaptation the other weekend... This will be an excellent way to get my own back.

Elime_rawne wrote:
6 hour BBC adaptation the other weekend...

There was a 6 hour BBC adaptation? Yikes, I'll get the fake blood and blasters. Did anyone see where I left my wound prosthetics?

Recently saw the trailer for this in theatres, and needless to say I'm pumped! I was always a bit dismissive of the book, but now that I know what it's actually about, I want to read it and see the movie!

If we're going all posh then painting up the rebelle charmed blasters would be cool with their fancy designs.

This means Boff can finally use the tactical Top Hat 😀

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