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This is my Longshot...

... There are many others like it but this one is mine! xD

And his friends ^^

Sorry about the poor quality, first time posting pictures.

We have a full Xplorer breech system, aluminium barrel, delrin reciever, its a CnC'd aluminium bolt sled from Roboman in metal magenta color (somehting or other) ive got a delrin catch plate and nylon mickey mouse piece, full aluminium plundger rod, around 22kg spring load, xplorer pump grip, Zourko reinforcement plates near the boltsled and at the back to support the shell, and a zourko rifled muzzle, stockblock to ensure safe priming. I think that's pretty much it.

I stickerbombed it also because im lazy and i couldnt be asked to paint it.

The second longshot with the actual grip on it is a brass sleeper breech longshot, with a around 20kg springload also.

The retaliator is a custom modified version of the metal recon kit OMW used to do, but i've coupled that with brass and put it in there with a brass barrel.

The sentinel has a longshot spring in there and it's brassed but not properly.

All blasters air restrictors removed etc, all fire full lengths aswell as stefens however the beasty longshot described above is just for shortened darts.

Also a Xplorer nylon trigger i think it is but it's got a nice smooth rubberised feel on the pull. Also I have a plundger support piece in there. + on the outside decorative plates + the flash light from blastersmiths UK but i've superglued it to the shell for a cleaner attachment.

I think that's everything errr the ret also has a brass barrel and a worker side priming thingy at the top really good quality.

Like it, that bolt sled doesn't look standard issue,
Care to elaborate on whats been done ?


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Is that the one I got hit with at DSS?

How do you like the x breech? What darts do you use in it?

Hey Sparky,

I'm pretty sure this is the one I shot you with at the Hendon Nerf War however please don't worry anyone I wasn't using this in the war! Really just pulled it out for bragging rights ^^.

I'm really enjoying the X breech so far, no complaints what soever. Obviously it's abit pricey but its got girth! ( Currently I'm using cut down ACC darts with the grey silicone tips, they are rubbery so i find they bounce off the targit abit causing alot less pain. When going for max range / power then I use cut down Prototype darts which are slightly heavier with a harder tip but as you can imagine they fly very far!

I think I'm running a Gen3 pusher as I brought it about a year and a half - 2 years ago otherwise it's the Gen 5 shape.

But it's strictly only compatible with shorter darts and works best with their mags, however that's not to say you cant customize it to fit what ever you wanted it to fit.

That thing would be great for a no fps limit war, got good range and hits hard.
daniel k

Jesus that was a beast to prime! I don't think I got it back 1 cm Very Happy

That's what I was thinking, I have I think 12 or 13kg in mine and it's heavy enough to be an issue, I fired a coulpe of hundred darts one night doing crono testing and I was broken by the end  Laughing You must have arms like popeye.

Haha! I wish I was like popeye, after about 30 minutes of game play I can't prime it anymore either tbh with you.

But this longshot isnt' meant to be primed over and over.

It's 1 shot 1 tag! Always maximum accuracy.

Sniper status confirmed!

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