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This is why I dislike lending out my blasters

Took me about 30m to get this beheaded Koosh out of my blaster. It was wedged in such a way that it took up about 1/2 inch of barrel space 2/3 of the way from the breech.
(Large images)
I'd be fine with it if the user hadn't repeatedly blasted off rounds in an attempt to clear the jam and then rammed the resulting foam mess with a stick into the back of the dart gate/tooth in a misguided attempt to clear it.
It'd also be fine if he had asked instead of just picking it up from my bag and using it.

I took my loan Armoury out to my little brothers birthday party. He says it saved the day as a barbecue in the rain isn't much fun, but a Nerf war in the house is ace!

Anyway, at the end of the party, I did my usual checks and found both my rampages were jammed up good with darts! It's like being at school again with no-one willing to fess up! Just tell me, it's jammed! Don't muck it up further and then ditch it for another blaster! I can fix it, but YOU NEED TO TELL ME! Fixing a jam, don't care. Fuck up my blaster and then pretend you didn't and try to hide it. Now I'm pissed!

Rant over......

I feel for you Bro!

I lent out my RS with BS quick release sling on it to a kid who's blaster had jammed.

Got back the RS at the end of the night sans sling. A few weeks later got it back without the elastics on either end. New order to BS incoming.....

O.o who goes to the effort of nicking a sling? I mean really.

I don't like lending or for that matter borrowing things to/from all  but a few trusted friends (FROM EXPERIENCE), because some people just have no respect or worse no common  sense then it all gets covered  by pride, arrogance or idiocy.

It's the respect I take most issue with. The EAT in question is one that I have specifically modified for my own comfort, and due to the modifications made to the locks, if you don't know how to use it properly you're going to break it.
The borrowing without my permission, ok. I can get that, I left it on a table.
It's the subsequent jam and attempted murder of the dart gate that ticks me off. Person in question knows I know a lot more about blasters than he does, and only had to ask for me to clear the jam.
Subsequently, I'm heavily limiting who I lend my blasters out to from now. I just don't trust people with my blasters when I've spent (in some cases literally) blood, sweat and tears over them.

I tend to find some folks can jam anything you loan them, I even had one person who couldn't get a jolt to fire more than a few feet. The worst though tends to be the raider, I don't let that out with a 35 round  drum as its almost certain  to chew a few darts if you slam fire it.

This is why we have lender blaster, which are normally blasters previous members have left the group. I lent a lumitron out to someone who managed to jam it 7 times in a row I've tried for the life of me to see if I could repeat it but just can't, and I've seen dart tag darts stuck in EAT's more than a few times. That said I will always lend blaster to people if they ask as I want to increase interest in the hobby though I'll always make sure that they have a proper demo of the blaster before I hand it to them (regardless of experience). If a blaster is broken by accident I can certainly forgive a player though deliberate damage or ignoring direct instructions that leads to the breakage of a blaster I won't forgive easily and seeing as 80% of the blaster in our group are owned by 5 people said person would have a hard time borrowing anything more than a jolt next time.

It's reasons like this I never lend out anything anymore. Just this weekend someone's Retaliator came back with a vortex disc jammed between the bolt and the inside of the shell.

Not a loan but a purchase, a job lot I bought came with a "broken" longstrike. Opened it up and it was just full of squished darts and bits of dart, it'd obviously jammed and they'd just kept on ramming in more, or tearing bits out and trying again. Right at the front was a whistler, and some of the other bits were obviously non-Nerf darts, big soft foamy heads.

Still, free longstrike.

SSGT wrote:
It's reasons like this I never lend out anything anymore. Just this weekend someone's Retaliator came back with a vortex disc jammed between the bolt and the inside of the shell.

How on earth did they manage that?!?  Shocked

There's something about magazine fed blasters that make it really fun to lend them out. /sarcasm

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