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Three more 2017 blasters! (Doomlands The Judge was real)

Soooo we have The Judge ( which looks like UKNW will buy it instantly)

Another redesign of the arrows for a new ZS Crossbow

And I'm not sure how to describe the Alien Menace blaster (looks cool if you are into SciFi LARP)

Part of me likes the look of the Judge, but the majority of me thinks it's stupidly over sized and impractical. If it had fired Demolisher rockets as was originally speculated I could understand its size, but overall I'd rather carry a Sledgefire and 10 shells.

The Judge is just bonkers, but I'm kinda taken by the Dreadbolt crossbow.

Any ideas how the Alien Menace Void caster works? It looks great, probably not very practical but still nice for cosplay purposes.

Like the idea of the Judge but yes it looks MASSIVE. Not too fussed about the crossbow, dont own any of the other ones. That Alien menace one I like, love the look of it and cant wait to give that the paint treatment but it also looks quite big for what it is.
The Dark Kitten

I do like the Alien Menace blaster. That looks cool and just out of Star Trek.
The Doomlands "thing" looks like a waste of oil to be fair : No stock, overly bulky and has no real practicality.
The Crossbow is annother waste although is a nice revision of the Rebelle arrows.

All in all unless the Star Trek blaster is on sale i wont buy any of these sadly. They were nice ideas and are good additions to the lines but are utter garbage for us modders

Literally teh only thing I can criticise about the Judge, is that it could have had more dart capacity without sacrificing the aesthetic. Everything else? Fan-****ing-tastic. I mean, it's not so different practically from my spamcannon cycloneshock, and for $45 you can spamcannon a rotofury which would be way more useful, but it's not really about the practical is it? I think it's glorious. I think we might see some really fun mods with it too.

Is that definitely a new arrow for the Dreadbolt? Looks the same, the article says it's new but doesn't seem aware of the Rebelle arrows. Not one I'll pick up but I like the aesthetic and I think it's actually kind of a big deal that they've rolled the arrows out into a non-rebelle line.

I think I'll reserve judgement on the voidcaster til I've seen how it works. I love the look though. I'm assuming it's basically a 4vic and that the front is the trigger but not sure how it primes...

Voidcaster looks awesome

I'm with you Northwind, the JUDGE is straight on my wishlist.

Big daft looking shot gun, oh yeah!

Quite prepared for it to be a bit crap though, lots of doomlands stuff is a bit gutless out the box. I remember thinking the double dealer looked awesome only for it to turn out to be an under powered jamfest.

However, nothing that cant be fixed and with a bit of tlc mines is coming along quite nicely so heres hoping.

so it looks like the alien pistol might be double action, primes on the trigger pull, now thats interesting.

Think I will have to buy 'The Judge'.

Been collecting Nerf shot guns for a while now thought sadly lost my Nerf Barrel Break. I know it was a bit rubbish but I liked the style!

n_g wrote:
it's stupidly over sized and impractical.

That's exactly the reason I want to buy it Smile

Being serious, I've been waiting for some sort of (semi)automatic shotgun - type Nerf blaster for a long time. I will admit It doesn't look exactly war practical, but it just screams "tons of fun"!

I would like the judge to be great, it just doesn't look in proportion, the handle looks tiny and uncomfortable I would also worry the performance is going to be sub sledge fire, but I do love shotguns!

The void caster looks sweet, if it really does have 4 dart AR and some reasonable performance from the (assumed? trigger + prime?) this would be great for quick grab dual wielding backup. I do worry the prime system may be horrible for them.

I am all for scifi stuff /borderlands styles and these scream it.

The crossbow thing.. my daughter has a rebelle crossbow just like that and its just fiddly inaccurate and a pain to reload but when it fires it has a good kick (she likes it). I had hoped it was a multi stringer crossbow and you could get a few shots off but meh.

I know I'm just a downer in general, but the judge is the stupidest thing I've seen Nerf produce since whiptail scorpions. The cylinder is several times larger than necessary, the grip looks tiny, and I think the entire blaster will be absurdly cumbersome.

EDIT: I'm actually quite interested in the dreadnaught and excited to see the return of semi-auto springers.

-=Me and larp=-
The judge fills a niche I've wanted for larp for a long while and as far as it goes on paper it is what I have been waiting for.

-less good-
But it comes in the wrong package for me at least if we are talking purely practical sense rather than visuals, which I think could be great if painted up in rusty metal with some extra wires and exhausts thrown on.

-Other stuff-
1-People keep saying the grip looks small, but I think they are underestimating the size of the blaster as the shape of that handle and the size in relation to the pump grip and the darts makes be think it's [edit* potentially] on par with the larger Nerf pistol grips.

2- The shotgun pump grip is a long way away from where the plunger tube should be for efficient flow to that top barrel, I'm predicting some ungodly gearing system to transfer the cocking action from all the way down there, unless Nerf have created something new and risky under that shell.

Davidov wrote:

2- The shotgun pump grip is a long way away from where the plunger tube should be for efficient flow to that top barrel, I'm predicting some ungodly gearing system to transfer the cocking action from all the way down there, unless Nerf have created something new and risky under that shell.

I'm thinking sledgefire plunger tube but as you say with some kind of gearing to cock it instead of the break action.

Now i like shotguns but it would mean theres potential for a ten shot singled super sledgefire!

I would really like to see Hasbro do something with the Sledgefire shells, other than just use them in the Sledgefire.

Initially I got excited that the Judge was going to use shells, but realised on closer inspection that with it being front loading there is nothing to hold shells in. So that makes it a 30 dart but only ten shot front loader. That's going to take weeks to reload, and what's the bet that Hasbro has omitted a Smart AR for each dart, so unless all 3 darts are loaded, it's going to have poor performance if loaded with 1-2 darts per chamber. Even if they have fitted 30 individual Smart ARs, if the Sledgefire's performance when loaded with just 1-2 darts is anything to go by, it still won't have the punch of when all 3 darts are fitted.

It'd be great to see a mod option to fit singled shells into this blaster so that shells are fixed in, and it's just a 10 dart front loader with some real punch per shot.

In my head I'm imagining a pump-action turret with the plunger tube and pump grip fitted low in the blaster; almost in line (like an upside down Hammershot). Then the turret can be rear loaded with Sledgefire shells; a minimum of 8, but the more the merrier.

Looking at the back of the turret the bottom half would be enclosed in the body of the blaster. As the turret rotates after each shot, the upper quarter that's just been fired is open at the rear with an automatic release catch that pops the empty shells out 1-2mm so they can be easily removed.

As the turret passes the 12 o'clock position there's a sloped bracing bar that will push any protruding shells back in, so if you don't replace an empty shell, or failed to fit a loaded one properly, the gun will secure these shells back into the turret. On the second upper quarter there's more open space to fit loaded shells into empty slots, with another sloped edge as the turret rotates back down onto the blaster to help locate loose shells and ensure they don't jam against the body of the blaster.

It'll have slam fire capabilities, obviously, and the turret can be rotated manually.

The only problem I can see with it is that there's a limited window for getting empty shells out. Depending on the number of shells in the turret, it may only be able to remove 1-2 at a time. While you could leave the whole upper section of the turret open at the back with an auto release as it rotates up out of the body, the problem is that if you tip the blaster up you risk having half the shells falling out. Of course you could have it so that shells auto eject into a sloping tube that drops them out of the bottom of the blaster; perhaps into a carry bag. That still leaves a third or so of the upper turret exposed to stick loaded shells into it.

I've wandered massively off track here. I blame the Judge.....

The trigger mech for the Voidcaster has me worried. It looks like the whole handle is a squeeze trigger. Whether it's a 2-stage squeeze to prime and fire (as some have suggested), or the priming mech is a separate slide, I'm not a fan of hand grip squeeze triggers: there's too much potential for accidental discharge, especially when trying to holster/un-holster it. Shame, as it looks pretty neat.

Must be the only one excited about the crossbow! Nailing someone with this will be epic and mods should be simple.

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