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Titans and Rarity

After a conversation about my armoury with a couple of fellow nerfers (is that the correct noun?) over a few pints, the reckoned that i might have the largest collection of titans in the UK (i currently have four whole ones and three sets of internals), i'm wondering about the rarity of titans in the UK and if anyone can beat that number xD

I've only ever had one in my possession. I think you've probably got the most in the UK!

I currently have 3 complete Unity Power Systems, two lonely Titans and a Hulk Abomination Blaster...

I'm not bragging, just making a statement about how poor I am and how little space I have in the loft.

Sadly I have none,not something I have ever really been intrested in but I may need to accept the challenge.

On the subject of armoury's though I do wonder who has the largest.

Haven't seen him around for a while but Oukie always used to have the largest private armoury in the country.

I know this is a bit of a necro, but I do have a little something to ad, I've personally only got two complete unity sets, so you're definitely winning on that front.

But my armoury is still growing albeit slowly, it's approaching 300 blasters.

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