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Tonights project

Seeing as I cant make it along to Transgression park tonight for some FDT action this was a welcome sight through the post box this morning.

A dr Snikas flywheel cage for my daughters fearless fire.
I know the new theory is that its a slowdown in velocity and the dart guide that improves accuracy rather than the canted cages but no worries I'm quite happy if theres a drop in fps as the reduced noise/vibration along with accuracy will be more important than raw power for this blaster.
Its going to run rhinos on 3S anyway so will probably suit its use as a skatepark blaster if its down tuned a bit anyway.

Will report back once its done.

I got the exact same package through the post yesterday.  We're going to build it together after Xmas. We are great dads.

Fist bump to my fellow dad nerfers!

Rab you can disappoint Caitlin by telling her that all 4 referee's joined in FFA tonight - Code Red!

And yes, I was peppered with darts for the whole game!

I love the fearless fire! Let me know how this goes...

Project eas put on hold last night by cooker extractor fan failure and having to srip that instead and get the xmas tree out the loft.

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