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Introducing my Nerf Tripled-strike!

The blaster came from a dual strike and a double strike, starting with the shell and workings of the double strike and just the elite barrel and ar portion of the dual strike, I have plans for the rest of the dual strike.

On to the mod;

To start with I had to remove a lot of plastic from the front of the shell, the amount was daunting to someone who doesn't like damaging anything. I could have gotten away with a little less, but it was a learning experience and I kept some parts which will be going back on when I tidy the shell for a paint job later.

It was simple task in the end, with the front and a touch of the top section removed and a little of the side taken out to allow the barrels to fit nicely.

After this I attached the ar and barrel set up directly to the heavily chopped down plunger tube (which shows the ridiculous amount of deadspace in the blaster out of the box)

This was done by lining everything up and closing the shell then using the existing gaps in the side of the sell to put a spot of hot glue on each side and holding until it was set in place, I then removed the shell and sealed the unit with more hot glue, levelling the inside of the plunger tube with the ar hole using a wet finger. Note that as I am keeping the original ar and air holes I used a piece of gaffa tape to keep a clear channel to the hole in the back of the ar set up when glueing.

More hot glue was used to fill the huge amount of deadspace in the plunger head.

Finally this was dropped into the shell and the whole thing was put back together.

I am quite happy with the results so far and will be continuing the WIP when I get back to the work table with shell clean up and paint job. For the moment I've not worried about adding extra power as it is dealing with the extra barrel extremely well, I'd say jolt ranges right now and that is with major need for lube and probably tape to the plunger head as the seal is awful.
daniel k

That is awesome. Screw the triad and messenger, a new pistol has taken the three dart podium. Very Happy

Looking good,
It will be cool to see what else you can make from the two blasters

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