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Twibz' Mod Plog Blog - Third Time's the Charm

My, that was bracing. They don't like it when you shoot at 'em, I worked that out myself.

With my first proper war under my belt, I believe it's high time to continue the great work, especially due to being outgunned by kids. Egads, anyone would think these are toys, and not serious business! I say continue because I have tried to get modding before, twice, and failed. Spectacularly. Well, in both instances life has decided to throw a spanner in the works so it's not just me and my butterfly mind...

So, without further ado; ready modded -

4 Recons, 4 Deploys, 3 Barricades, AT, Raider, Longstrike, Stampede, Rayvern.
(ARs, springs, E-tape on Barracades, 9V PP3 clips in Rayvern and Barricades.)

To do -
Longstrike (no.2), Stampede (no.2), Longshot, Roughcut, Recon (no.5), 2 elite Spectres, 2 Doublestrikes, 2 Five by Fives, Swarmfire, Powerbelle, Vulcan, Stryfe, Ionfire, my super-secret-surprise, and also fettle the Barricades, Rayvern, Stampede, revisit the Longstrike and Deploys, as they don't "deploy" that smoothly, and Rapidstrike.

Nothing to show you as of yet, but the plan is simple:
ARs, springs, brass (on what deserves it), these in the Longstrikes (yes, "in" I will make them perform as they should), LiPo/LiFe and associated rewiring and motors in everything.

This time. This time I will succeed....maybe

That's a lot of modding, good luck sir!

Good man! I'm looking forward to seeing some of it next gun!

Ok, so quick update - firstly, I got lighting in the shed!! WOO!! This sounds familiar...

Then without further ado, this:

Is something I'd like to get working as a sniper rifle.  Aestetics kids, aestetics. All for this so our team can have a sniper class...

Ar out, beefier sping in, from blasterparts. Bit of a rum do really, had to flip over the rear end of the chamber for it to lock when cocked. Still, it's a damn sight moar powerful now.

Also, removed trigger lock and dart lock(? gate?), as I wanted to de-cock and that damn thing was fiddlyto get back in respectively. Not had chance to check range, but it sounds BEEFY.

Next step for this beauty is brass and a paintjob.

Next blaster? Hmmm... let's do something interesting

Shiny, needs paint. What kind of terrible ranges do you get with this?

WOW... If this can get the range it will be So worth it!
Maybe a bolt glued on the side would aid priming a monster spring.

Dustybin wrote:
Shiny, needs paint. What kind of terrible ranges do you get with this?

I don't have a tape measure...yet. The blasters I'm modding will be tested when I do, but my rather unscientific method of farting about with it last night and this morning seemed to show a fair improvement, the whistle you sometimes get from a dart was noticeably higher in pitch (like loads) and it was travelling faster. I'm not expecting anything till I go back in to brass this, but we shall see.

Andrew_Aitchison wrote:
WOW... If this can get the range it will be So worth it!
Maybe a bolt glued on the side would aid priming a monster spring.

You're right, it needs the range but could be awesome if it did. When I saw this on sale, this is the exact thought I had for it. Again, with brass I'm hoping it's going to live up to how it won't.
I'm toying with the idea of bolt for priming, we shall see if it's needed.

The only worry I have for this is the trigger catch. I should have taken a picture to show what I mean, but instead of the window-like catch the plunger goes through the middle of, that uses a fair amount of material to hold the rod back before firing, it's a single piece of plastic. This might have to be scanned for prosperity and later replacement. Now I need a 3d scanner...sigh

you may just be able to draw it in CAD

(No banhammer please, I believe this to be sufficient new material to continue the thread, and I will continue it if am allowed.)

Well damn. Life happened to me again, I lost my job about 8 weeks ago so have been busy not going mad, trying to keep busy and also look for jobs occasionally. Anyway, things are looking up somewhat and I have interviews for other positions, and I think it's high time to say to you, good nerfers:

The great work continues!!

We start with another interesting idea that I had to make into reality. A drain blaster Nerf bazooka for Special Farces:

(Banana for scale)

The build is simple; a drain blaster is coupled onto 15mm PVC pipe*, which is then placed in drainpipe plus adapters. I was a silly beggar and bought the external components in black, but with a respray wouldn't be a danger for the person using it.
I'll do a build log on my wordpress blog.
If you're thinking that the entire pipe behind the pump is empty, you'd be right. I'm thinking about using that space for storage of Nerf missiles.

For wars this is for calm adults to use only, the missiles will fire further and harder the more you pump the priming handle. (I'm going to the park to do range tests when it's painted, as I'm pretty sure it'll easily get 100m)  For child friendly games, I doubt you'd need more than 5 or 6 pumps for a fairly long shot.

Waiting on brass for the "sniper", but as soon as I get it I'll be dropping it in to get some range tests done

Again, if the mods allow I will continue in this thread, with the caveat that I'll update moar regularly!!

Till next time

*Some people will balk at this, but said PVC pipe won't be holding any pressure (plus it's rated to 12 bar at 20C) other than when firing.

The rocket launcher is great,  and I can't help but feel I should be more blown away (excuse the pun)..  But what is really amazing me right now is that you've somehow made me want an Ion fire.  That skeletal sniper rig looks great..  I actually hate all the components separately but together they look great.

Good job

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