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Twin EAT's

Hi Guys Im going to document my progress with my EATs on this thread

I have two EAT's - one was used and will serve as a learned and one was new so Im going to try and make it as nice as I can

I ordered my Spring and catch plates from Blastersmiths and went about modding my test blaster
Even after watching hours of vids and familiarising myself with the internals I was actually still nervous when it came to cracking it open.

On my 1st attempt I must have messed something up, I removed the half prime lock and ever since the blaster has been chewing darts, so yesterday I decided to go the whole hog and sit and figure out how all the parts work in relation to each other (see work station below)

I have now shaved the jam door lock and removed the whole plate that stops the jam door moving and the clip release from dropping, I also shaved the clip release to make its operation alot smoother.

I Managed to round one of the screws in the foregrip as it was on too tight so a lesson learned there i will need to drill this out.

I believe the blaster came with voberrys and it is still chewing these occasionally but it does seem to be better.
Im now happy i understand how it all works soo im planning a paint job.


I saw one of these on youtube! It seems like the best shot-gun style primary EVER. Like what would happen if an EAT and a Roughcut got married and had a baby. Such a great idea.

Maybe my title is a bit misleading im not mashing them together into one Blaster i just have two ..?
But that does sound like a good idea!

I did make a youtube vid however showing the spring install ...  and im planning a Masterkey with my Stryfe  and a roughcut thats in the post... but thats for another day

Masterkeys are ace. The idea of being caught off guard whilst reloading and still pop some darts at someone is amazing!

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