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Two switches in one for Rapidstrike...

Can anyone tell me if there exists a switch unit, containing two separate switches which are operated by the same action, one switch being operated early in the action, the other being operated later?

For example, pulled half way, a first switch is triggered, pulled all the way in, both switches triggered.

Application would be in a Rapidstrike loom, but I want the convenience of both switches being in the same unit as it were (of course, with pins to be wired separately).

I know you can just use two different switches. I'm asking if you're aware of anything which exists which incorporates two switches!

Thanks for looking!

You are looking for a three pole switch. If you want that as a microswitch they are available from RS components or Farnell. You can use two of the regular ones, just position or remove the arm on the second so that it's triggered after the first. If you were going to make a single trigger rapidstrike there is ample room to do it this way.

I used two switches to make a two stage trigger on the Storm Bolter project. Worked pretty well but needed some fettling to get everything to work properly.


Many thanks for both of the above posts. I've got big switches at the mo so I'll look into micros. I didn't think about doing anything to the arm or the switch, so that's a superb tip. The picture is useful too. Thanks for posting that! As always, wunderbar^_^

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