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UEETEK darts

Saw these while browsing Amazon and was thinking of ordering some partially out of curiosity and partially out of amazon gift vouchers (and possibly easier retrieval at the end of an event), wondering if anyone had any knowledge on these? and if its worth it?

I've not seen these before, but I'd be interested in your experiences with them.  Whether they perform like an Elite, Accustrike, Koosh, etc.

These look like the KNEX darts. Got to be worth a punt?

Similar to the Knex but the heads seem a bit longer (more surface area for flywheels?) and no central core so I'm not sure (could make them more or less accurate). I've placed an order for some so I'll see what they're like.

Those apparently have long stems which would give poor weight distribution. I am not a fan of waffle tips, they put the centre of mass back as badly as hollow tips.
The Dark Kitten

Looks very affordable if its 100 for £7ish, it looks like a gimicy "accurate dart" and i have doubts on its foam and glue quality but it looks like a risk worth taking

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