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UK law changes

Is there somewhere I can read what the UK law changes are going to be? Or even better a thread discussing the implications?

Apologies if this is already freely available in the forums,  I have read one but I thought it applied to things how they are rather than going to be.

If you do a search on this forum there will be loads of info avaliable. There has been allot of discussions over the last few months, really interesting stuff.

I found the thread in General Nerf Discussion,  thanks.

The post can be found here. The Bill is still in its final reading the House of Lords and will likely become law next year when it receives Royal Assent. If memory serves, it's being discussed again in the next few days. I will update that thread with any new information that's pertinent as and when.

I've locked this topic and we can revive the discussion in the other thread as and when it's necessary. Smile

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