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UKNerfWar Updates

I'm giving my website some love ahead of the new year, particularly the events page since I get 20-30 emails each week asking "Where's my nearest war?".

If you have a regular event that you want featured, ping me an email and I'll add you to the list. (I think the only BN group I'm missing is ZHoM). I'll need a short blurb about your event including entry fees/location etc, a banner 491x83px and a link to your website/FB page. If I've already added your group but got something wrong, let me know.

Everyone else, feel free to have a poke around and let me know of anything that doesn't work.

The website looks great! Perhaps you could add a bit of detail to the services? So for instance on the performance upgrades it requires a bit of pre-requisite modding knowledge to know what a brass breech is and that it's a good thing..  Probably being really picky but just trying to think from a non-modders pov.

There's a misspelling of Arena on FDT's section, Fantasy in the Larp section, a space needs to go between  the 'to' and 'LARP' in the GC section, if you were really picky you could look at the use of commas, hyphens, and capitalisation throughout the groups section..  But I get that it's probably written by different people and I think anyone reading it would too.

Hopefully all constructive. I have to say your blasters look amazing.

EDIT: FDT's section not FDS's.  Damn autocorrect.
EDIT 2: ... And by groups section I mean Events page..  This wiring on the tinterweb is hard.

Cheers Minky. I'll have a looksie.

Great page mate, but yeah a few typos and also Quest at Merryhill has now closed.

Il make a banner in the next couple of days, if you want the Danes to have some fun too!

You're more than welcome buddy.
The Dark Kitten

You are going to have to wait it for Zhom I'm in development with game rules and such forth. Especially venues

There's no rush buddy. If you'd like me to add a box for you with "More details coming soon" then that's cool. All I need is a logo.

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