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Unusual Venue for a Nerf War/Foam Dart Bunker

I said in the Review of 2016 thread I wanted to run an event in an unusual venue this year. I think I may have cracked it...

Today BigAl, his partner and I took all our kids to Scotland's Secret Bunker located in Fife just North of Edinburgh. I had never been but given it's 2 underground floors of a 1950s nuclear bunker I wanted to see what it was like down there and if they would let me hire it.

It's awesome, and yes they will!

I took a bunch of pics but there are enough pics and vids out there already - see the links below. We're thinking of more strategic and objective based games than just running and gunning which won't work in there. Might have to chuck the odd hidden OZ in though Wink

And we can use the military vehicle display outdoors for HvZ and Barrel Run and suchlike before we head in! Super excited about this.

Yeah,  it was an awesome venue and the owner seemed well up for it and using the venue for different things. Definitely need more objective and tactics based games for the layout and it would definitely suit the more regular,  experienced players. The military vehicles display outside would be an amazing backdrop for games as well. i think we need some Zombies in full make up for full effect of the spooky venue Very Happy Can't wait to get this going.
UK Foam

Have you got an address?

Crown Buildings, Troywood, Fife, St Andrews KY16 8QH

Check out.the website as well.

Bunker time!!

Yeah whatever game we play definitely needs zombies!

That looks nuts. Hope you can pull off booking it for an event.

Just a wee update, I've requested a date in August so will chase that today.

We've started building a storyline around the event which will utilise both outdoor space with the military vehicles and also inside the bunker itself. I think I'll be running a bus from Edinburgh for the 90 minute journey across the River Forth to save emissions!

Also considering bringing back the film crew I hired for my promo video.

Getting excited about this one!

UK Foam wrote:
Have you got an address?

What part of "secret bunker" did you not understand?  Laughing

Saw this on the facebook and tbh I'm not really all that into the actual gaming side of our daft hobby but this is unmissable really. And getting to Edinburgh's easy from almost the whole UK.

Would be good to see you there mate.

Finally got to speak to the owner today.

Proposed date is SATURDAY AUGUST 19th!

As mentioned previously since we're effectively hiring a museum there's an increased cost, probably 20 per ticket inc booking fee.

I'm expecting we can take 40-50 players but given the interest I've had in this event since posting it up, tickets will be limited to 4 per booking.

Preference will be given to existing FDT players as I feel it's only right that those that have supported FDT in the past 4 years get the first chance at tickets. This will be done by a private ticket sale with password in advance of any public sale. I will need email addresses from those who have bought tickets through We Got Tickets up til this point.

The event will likely start at 18:30 and run until approximately 21:30. I'd like to run a bus from Edinburgh to the site probably leaving at 16:30 and returning to Edinburgh around 23:30.

I'm working on a storyline for the event which is already well advanced - this will not be a regular event where players turn up and "run and gun" against eachother. There will be strategy involved as well as team v team combat.

There will be no viewing gallery at this event as you would find in our skate parks. Anyone coming along is encouraged to buy a ticket and participate. I'll have a think about a minimum age limit. Certainly the younger end of this will require a paying and playing adult to participate.

We will be having both outdoor games in the military vehicle compound, and indoor games in the venue itself. I am also planning some surprises for everyone Smile I've been informed players can climb up on the vehicles (tanks, trucks etc) at their own risk.

I'm trying to secure an event photographer and also the film crew who shot our promo video so we can record this special event.

Everyone at FDT HQ is super excited about this! I'll post up more news when I have it.

Onwards and upwards Smile

hmmmmmmm!!!!!!!!!    May have to suggest a weekend away in Edinburgh to the wife lol.

Hold fire til I see if there's any places left mate! I've had a lot of regular players and parents requesting places already and I have to give my loyal players first go. If there's a public sale I will of course post a link up here.

Ok pal I fully understand lol. It was just a initial thought lol.

Your gonna need a bigger bunker 😉

Teaser trailer for the event is now up:
Lady Nerfer

Can't do it this year Dazzle anyway as August is school summer holidays and we already have commitments with the kids. Need summer holidays out of the way for events like this. Yes it sounds great and I would be up for it but with a big family and things to organise more notice is better. And definitely away from school holidays.

Private ticket link has now been sent to all players Smile

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