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Update on Edinburgh High School venue

I didn't want to necro the old thread, but here's the link to it:

Update is I have now spoken to the school which closes at the end of term this Summer, and unfortunately they have told me they hand over the keys to a demolition firm on the last day and there's no way I can access this to host a weekend of Nerfery. Gutted, as even only using the bottom 3 levels would have been sweet. Overnight Zombie games etc would have been great - I had so many ideas.....

Anyway I didn't want anyone thinking I don't follow up on stuff - some members posted replies on the thread so I wanted to complete the story as it were.

Still on the lookout for quirky venues in and around Edinburgh so watch this space Smile

Have you checked with the demolition company to see if you could get it for the first weekend it's in their hands?

No go.

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