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Vault topic thread request thread 😉

Erh you know only mods can reply to your request thread in the vault?? 😞

As for content suggestion,  there seems to be quite a lot of requests for info regards alternative mods using some kind of 14500 cells and ebay motors vs using something ike mtb and lipos.
I like ON's  suggestion of rewire first and stepping up.
I know all the info is there already but might be worth colating it.

Ah fuck. Thanks for letting me know. I'll see that that gets sorted. Smile

On topic, I think a flow chart diagram is in order. That and I've been pondering getting a NiMH version of my LiPo/Motor pairings chart sorted for less confident modders. There's no way to avoid going pack on higher current motors because 14500s simply don't provide the current. I don't care how much you whinge and whine about 2S2P IMR trays, the high impedance springs are still going to hold you back.

I could also expand the motor/LiPo listing document to include things like Banshees, Black Pigs and Ransons since people are going to insist on using them. I'll have a look at the spec sheet and cross reference them now.

We'll merge these threads once one of the Admins notices I've fucked up and mocks me suitably. Very Happy

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