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Video editing and making discussion thread...

So I want to develop my video editing skills because it's actually quite a lot of fun. I've been using Windows Live Movie Maker (WLMM) because it's cheap (surprise surprise) and does everything I want it to so far. If you can recommend any (very inexpensive/free) software to try or any techniques, I'd be interested in hearing.

WLMM's fine, but the other day, I finished putting together a bunch of scenes before it told me the files were unrecognisable and little exclamation marks started appearing all over the place!

I know there are a few people on here who make videos, so I thought we could also use this thread to share experiences of editing and posting maybe!

I actually like Movie Maker. It's fairly limited but a great bit of software. When you get to know its limitations you can actually do some incredible stuff with it.

I now use a bit of software that is largely unknown but seems to be pretty good (although I barely understand what any of the functions are). It's called AVS Video Editor available from Something like 40 gets you an unlimited licence for all of their software (the image converter is also excellent). It's probably not the best but it seems pretty comprehensive and it's quite easy to use. I already owned a licence for their software so it was a bit of a no brainer.

I also quite enjoy video editing but it can be quite time consuming. The main reason why I have hours of footage on my hard drive waiting to be edited.

Live Movie Maker crashes on a regular basis for me. Save often! I've just installed various ones onto my repaired laptop to see which is better.

so far... Avoid Shotcut (can't seem to do anything with it other than join videos and export them), Davinci Resolve (crashes instantly)

You can abuse Vegas trials pretty easily. I ended up paying for it though because i liked it.
The Dark Kitten

All I use is windows movie maker.
I find good music then fit the gameplay to the music then use mildly slomo to fit in
For transitions I only use a fast fade to avoid it being noticeable.

I got on better with movie maker than final cut (I have a cracked version from a mate) see if I can upload it to Dropbox and share with you invade you get on better with it

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