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View new Posts?

Sooooo most of the forums I've used before have been tapatalk compatible and have had functions where you can view all your own content and view all the latest posts.

I know we have the View posts since last visit , but sometimes i end up missing a load of post if my system idles and logs me out ....

Is there much flexibility in the area in terms of what this system can offer? or does anyone have any better suggestions on keeping up to date on the latest forum posts?

You can choose to watch all forums for posts in which case you will receive a linked email whenever a new post is made. Beyond that, there is scope to add new features but this involves a knowledge of html which I do not possess. I had to learn code specifically to make the last batch of changes to the forum and it nearly killed me. For the most recent part it's copy and paste but it's something I'm not massively comfortable doing.

Perhaps one day we could appoint a webmaster but I'm not sure we're at that stage yet.

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