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Vulcan Havok Clutch Mod

I've been meaning to write this up for ages. Since people keep bugging me for it I thought now was as good a time as any.

Anybody who has ever modified a Vulcan/Havok will know how annoying it is then the belt skips or jams completely. This is either because you've got it running super hot or, like me, you have a dirty great long belt. Well, you'll be glad to know there is a fix for it. Bare in mind that the clutch we will be gluing is designed to protect the blaster's mechanism in the event of a belt jamming. Doing this modification will remove that protection so if you allow your belt to jam, you risk breaking something vital.

Assembly Notes:

You'll notice that the smaller of the two clutch pieces you've glued together (part 7) has two runners along it's length. These runners need to locate on runners inside the large gear (part 5). It should be fairly self explanatory once you have it open but it caught me out once so I thought I'd share.

Do not attempt to glue the clutch on the other side of the sprocket (part 3). This is what allows the whole rotation mechanism to function. Gluing it is a very bad idea.

First off, you need to remove the internals. Fortunately the whole assembly can be removed very easily. Note that the electronics and wiring have been removed in this picture.

Start by removing the orange part covering the boltsled and the small return spring from the rotation mechanism.

The arm from the rotation mechanism can now be removed to expose the parts we need.

Remove the orange cover and you'll be able to lift the rotation mechanism away.

This is the part we need to modify. The slip clutch is located inside.

No comes the tricky part. The orange end piece needs to come off but it's friction fitted on there good. The easiest way to remove it is to use two pairs of side cutters (one pair and some pliers will work). The trick is to grip the shaft with one pair of cutters and use the other pair to lever the orange part off the end. Be very careful not to cut the spring. There lies bad juju.

Voila. Now you can remove the clutch assembly.

Here is the assembly with all of it's component parts. Be careful to remember how it goes together, you'll need to know in a minute.

These are the two parts we need (7 & 8 from the previous image). This is the 'slip clutch' designed to protect the mechanism from jams. These two parts need to be glued together.

Superglue/hot glue won't cut it here. You need something with a little more heft. 2 part epoxy is good but here I have used Gorilla Glue. Make sure you keep the hole through the middle clear. You'll need to insert the rod again when you re-assemble.

Leave that to cure fully before attempting to put it all back together, then you can reassemble the mechanism, reinstall it and you should be good to go.

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