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Vynyl dye and painting barrels

Hi there, couple of quick ones, if thats ok.

Is vynyl dye the same as vynyl paint that you get in halforfd rattle cans.

Would it work well on moving parts or the barrels on front loading blasters, if not. What should i be looking for.

Cheers in advance.

The Halfords Vinyl Dye and most of the ones I have found are just a paint, it's not a very good paint either IMO. Thankfully the common revolver cylinders are perfectly set up NOT to need it. As the rotation mechanism is at the rear, fully enclosed by the shell and out of sight, with the foam seal acting on the back face, all you need to do is mask that face off and paint the rest. There's enough slack in the interior barrels to allow paint there without making loading impossible.
I would advise a 400 grit key, a coat of adhesion promoter then a good primer or a tinted primer like Army Painter if you are doing colours. What you want to avoid is heavy paint build, which means no white cylinders, or the cylinder will foul the shell walls.
Once you are done a decent automotive clear to finish like usual. The operation of the cylinder should be entirely unaffected.

The black vinyl dye from Halfords is ok as a single layer/internal paint to start with but that is about it. Painting over it/ using other paints in conjunction with it can be troublesome however so make sure you check compatibility with your paints if you are doing multiple layers and keep them separate! Best to double check such things!

Also I found some grey car paint primers really are terrible at being primers and you are better off just using the colour you want on a freshly well sanded and clean surface.

Zenif- Cheap primers= crap.
The only reliable primers in cans are Halfords, GW black/white and Army Painter.
Vinyl dye is hopeless as a primer because it doesn't have either the same chemical base as proper paints or the correct particulates to form a good absorbent substrate for paint.

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