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Warhammer 40k

So with 8th edition on our doorstep, I thought I'd ask if any of you play Warhammer 40k?
I've heard a couple of people mention it occasionally  Razz

What are your armies / projects / favourite models etc?

This is my army:

800 point Throne of Skulls tournament Sisters of Battle list
They're almost finished, though a few bits arent quite painted yet.

The army is completley plastic, converted from mostly eldar bits and wood elves

They're not the best painted but i'm pretty proud of them, it's also a particularly nasty army that I've been tailoring for the past year or so - though that doesn't mean much now with the release of 8th!

Obviously Celestine and co aren't finished, I started the list with the old version of her but now shes just way too nasty

As it's quite a small force I've got guard and an Iron Father to take the list up to 1850 in a Castellans detachment!

I have about 7000 points of Valhallan guardsmen, which breaks down to a full infantry company and a full tank company, one super heavy company and support artillery etc. All in snow camouflage and Russian WW2 uniform.
I also have 4000 points of orks, a company of RTB01 Space Marines and 3000 points if Grey Knights. No e of these get much play these days as I am sick of buying a new rule book and codex every 2 years!
I have been playing on and off since Rogue Trader.
Biggest game we ever played- 40k PER SIDE! Table was 40 ft long.

It's not my thing but I can stand in the window of my local Games Workshop looking at the models for quite some time, they are really nice from a "pretty thing to look at" POV.

I was into 40k about 15 years ago, had a small mess of Orks, Tyranids and a few Necrons. Never really finished many because I was terrible at painting and much preferred hacking them and making odd conversions.

Then a few years ago I got back into miniatures, mostly Kings of War and Songs of Blades and Heroes though, my painting slightly improved and I actually finished a few things. However I lost a good majority of my miniatures a year ago and it kinda killed my enthusiasm for it. Plus my area is pretty dead for the hobby.

The new edition of 40k has piqued my interest, and part of me longs to go back to it, but I know I'll only end up with a cupboard of mostly unpainted, expensive plastic and no games to show of it.

I've been out of the game since '08 just as 5th Edition was coming out. I remember the new building and cover rules being most excellent and a breath of fresh air on the modelling/scenery making front. I played Eldar because I'm a power-gaming fuck who doesn't care if he has no friends. Very Happy Well, I was back then. Now I'm a bit more chill. I did, however, find one of my old Wave Serpents on sprue the other day when digging around. I might use some of this glowy technical expertise I've garnered these last few years to start jazzing up tanks and stuff for people. Very Happy

I played back in 1991 to 1997.
I ran Space Wolves and Ultramarines and a few odd figures that were just too cool not to own.
I swapped from Space Wolves to Ultramarines mostly due to them being easier to paint, that speaks volumes about my lack of painting ability.

The PC games then became a lifesaver as I couldn't get 'live' games but could play against folks online without having to shell out a small mortgage for figures.

Some friends bought the Warhammer Fantasy starter box and convinced me to buy an army box, so that we could play some games. I kept buying more figures and different armies on a basis of "ooh that looks cool", that was a couple of years and rule books ago now and we still haven't played once.

Big war-games nerd - slowly re-collecting my old Sisters army that my ex sold behind my back, but getting keen for 8th. Up until yesterday I thought the Primaris jetpack dudes were pretty horrible but upon closer inspection in the flesh (yay for Friendly Local Games Stores getting their copies ready for pre-order day!) they actually look pretty badass so I'm genuinely torn now lol.

I have played warhammer for about 12 years, mostly the lord of the rings stuff as i love the books. my friends mostly play 40k so i switched to from Lotr to Tau about 5 years ago, i have about 3k points, Most of my army isn't painted, some how never get round to doing it.

Blimey. Used to play at secondary school so about 30 years ago. Went into a games workshop the other day to pick up some citadel paint and enjoyed having a poke around.

The only thing I have left from then I'd my space marine sew on badge which now adorns my mkiv holster.

I used to play a lot about 15 years ago. I still have a 4,000pt Space Marine army somewhere and around 1,000pt of unpainted Tau (bought a load and then moved away from the hobby).

I'd love to get back into it. I'm a member of a local gaming group but I've never actually been to one of their meets. Not sure I could handle another hobby though.

Former Necron, Imperial Guard, Genestealer Cult, Ork, Scythe of the Emporer and Nurgle player here...

Got out of it in 1999 when i soldit all to afford having a kid, but have stayed on the fringe because of my eldest having an interest, and because theres some cross over into my other hobbies like D&d and Nerf (paints)

Tempted to get back into it via Shadow War: Armageddon, aka Necromunda v2

Used to play 40k and was heavily into it from Rogue Trader through to 3rd edition. Had a fairly sizeable Space Wolves army, and thanks to Gorka Morka, needed up with a decent sized Ork army; though most of that one never got painted. I had loads of bits and bobs from various other GW gaming systems too, like Fantasy, Space Fleet, Space Hulk, Necromunga and others. My nan used to take me to car boot sales and I was a dab hand at finding loads of bargain goodies, then swapping or selling them amongst friends.

I really liked the variance in model build options that 3rd Ed brought with it:  no longer were basic troops just one position warriors, but a dynamic looking force! It was also about the  that GW started doing more terrain stuff, so I ended up with a really well stocked battlefield.

Unfortunately the rising costs of model and paint, plus no easy access to my local GW (5 hours and 6 busses for a few hours at GW), meant I couldn't keep up with all the new stuff and ongoing changes. All my friends stopped playing, so I ended up selling all of it to local schoolkids
who were keen on some bargains.

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