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Watch his balls...

Mod guide video for the khaos, but what's of interest is what happens to the balls in the firing demo when you increase the fps...

They seem to spin off quite wildly...

That happens with the Zeus too, it's a function of the hop up and it's interaction with velocity. If you shoot the ball faster over the hop up it generates too much spin, causing too much lift too early in the trajectory. We lift the hop up to reduce the back spin.
Rival rounds are also unstable over around 125fps.

If it had been an airsoft gun I'd have said the hop up was too low. Thanks to ON I now know Rivals have a hop unit and I suspect that has saved me a lot of wall punching when I did a rewire on my Khaos. Thanks.

Airsoft BB's are smooth, HIR's have dimples, which enhance the lifting effect of the spin like in a golf ball. The hop up on the zeus is just a rubber flap that sticks into the barrel in front top the fly cage.
Khaos hop up is fixed differently but a bit of brain power will enable it to be lifted, you will just have to fabricate a new mount. A Hop Up adjuster fir Zeus and Khaos would be a cool part to make and sell.
Keep below 3s 120fps to actually hit anything and remember that 100fps = 1J limit for HIR.

Good lord, ghetto hop up, I'd have mistaken that for an anti double ball. How much are you having to lift it? I only ask because trial and error is going to bit a bit on the onerous side having to tear the thing down between adjustments.

I lifted mine by 3mm. That's why I wanted an adjustable hop up. If anyone feels like designing one that would be sick.
UK Foam

Is the hop up in these blasters simply a pin pointing down from the top that the ball catches on?

In the Khaos it's a rubber flap in the top of the barrel.

Check out this...

... Shows it well

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