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Looks like its going to be a pretty stacked weekend of Nerfing.

New Wolf pack event kicking off in Leeds, which now must surely be the Nerf capital of the country.

Then up here we've got a double header of FDT action Friday/ Saturday night and I'm really looking forward to the first modshop tomorrow.  Theres a few folk chipped in behind the scenes on this one so thanks. Its going to be ace getting more modded blasters into the mix 😎

So whats everyone's nerfing plans this week?
The Dark Kitten

Cry, revision, cry
Oh and......
Sparky has been a bea and sent me a care package that'll need unboxing.
Then with the certian contents my WIP post will be updated....
Then I'm off to collect some 7 stryfes, purple E-tape, and 80 megas.
Then....revision, cry, revision.
Topped off by a bag check for Zhom the weekend after!

of course Leeds is the new Nerf capital... because Yorkshire is God's own county...

It's been a hell of a day today, ordered a bunch more pipe, and Franksie hit me up with some new netting. Took the day off to ensure I could be in to receive it and start cutting... UKmail fucked up... and then I had to nip to the shop, and got back, just as they royal mail van drove off with my BSUK vest... and my roughcut won't prime with my jazzo sazzo springs... and...

It dawned on me during the week that in 2015 there were 2 regular wars... 2016 was a BIG year for UK, and 2017 is just going to be bigger and better, we're at 6 regular wars, in 10 locations! Way to go guys!

Just picked up a gumtree bundle so going to spend a bit of time playing with those... And my hellcats arrived so maybe they're going in my hyperfire, just to upset reddit Laughing

Northwind wrote:
Just to upset reddit Laughing

Have fun. Canted cages and Hellcats do not mix, it's your funeral.

I naturally contest that Leeds is the Nerf capital of the UK but I would... Razz

I'm affraid I'm going to have to disagree with you Boff I have hellcatted my hyperfire with a dr snikkas alu cage and it works well

Boff wrote:
Have fun. Canted cages and Hellcats do not mix, it's your funeral.

One step ahead of you there  Laughing

Boff wrong on two accounts... Surely not?!

Perceived wisdom is there to be challenged. It's called progress Wink

old_man_nerf wrote:
Perceived wisdom is there to be challenged. It's called progress Wink

Agreed. However, in my experience the only way to run a Hyperfailure cage with koosh without fishtailing at super-critical velocities is to bork with a brass guide found in the DRS cage. I've been working on the HF for a few weeks and that's the only way it'll work.

As for the Bristol/Leeds thing, I guess we're going to have to wait until BoB to sort that one out. Wink

Using the aluminium cage by Dr Snikkas is probably why I get good results due to the brass tubing lol.

Well, whilst it's been an awesome 2016 for Nerf in the UK, and yes, 2017 is going to bigger and better... I'm been smashed by the 3rd cold I've had since New Year's Day.  This is the worst so far... in fact the only cold-free weekend was BB5 (so that's a plus).  And apparently I don't get ill on a work day, just on the days where I have Nerf projects I really want to finish.

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