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Hi Troops,

Whats every ones nerfing plans this weekend?

Ive got the Modshop and then will be reffing for TP 25, cant wait to see our Modshoppers in action.

So, what are you up to, house war, blaster shopping, war or modding project ?

Just packing for Wolfpack now! Should be leaving about 3pm ish!

Tomorrow, a bit of modding maybe?

Trying to decide whether I have the time/energy/skill to do the internals for my stryfe before DSS, or just go with my EAT.

Just got back from my game and refuelled!
Had 10 total, so not mega busy, with 3 being myself and two of my team. We did take the opportunity to do 45 mins training in the middle of the session, after some particularly poor tactical work in Bomb Run.
We taught the kids shoot n scoot, they had to get 20 ft across a room with 4 substantial pieces of cover in it, whilst two of my team stood behind the coffee bar that runs along one wall. The shooters there were not allowed to duck and there were 4 tubs on the top of the bar with gaps in between, Space Invaders style.
Victory conditions were simple, get one team member into the corridor beyond without getting tagged as the corridor outflanks the cofeee bar. Anyone not playing watched from the area most out of the fire arcs and responsible for dart sweeping.
There was a time limit of 5mins per pair.
Results were interesting. I got a metric crap tonne of target practice, with predictable results. The kids then decided which pair was most successful and why and looked at who struggled and why.
I then explained the principle of fire and movement, with the team voted most successful taking our place behind the coffee bar with a ton of mags.
Corey, my bodyguard at BB4 and I then took the position of the attackers. We outflanked the shooters in 39secs with both of them tagged out and zero loss!
We then asked the kids what was different about how we did it, then everyone had another go, with pairs taking it in turns to be attackers and defenders.
They all enjoyed it and it made for much more aggressive PvP in the final third of the session. We are going to do more, next time I might look at basic corner clearing and doorway techniques.

My nerfing plans were to do as much of a clay mould as possible (for a critical part of a new idea I had), try and find where I can buy good quality air fittings, and see if I can do a decent job of engraving for a new high capacity mag idea I had some time back.

About 3 kilos of clay currently form the bottom part of the mould (sitting and drying as the mould walls were getting a bit weak), I haven't yet found all the air fittings I will need, and the engraving can wait until Sunday.

My Nerf activity consisted of putting various blasters and parts away and tidying up my tools. Exciting times!

Enjoying the evening at Wolfpack. Bguk did an excellent job running the event and my legs are broken (as is another retaliator!).

Just got to recover now in time for next weeks foam dart thunder!

My Nerf activity for this weekend included learning to trust your eyes, even if the instruments are telling you everything is fine. The MOLLE panel on the left was sewn with my callipers insisting they were at 25mm. It turns out they were at 30.5mm. The right hand panel is correct. I had to resew the left panel...

Remember, folks, if your eyes and gut are telling you a measurement's wrong it doesn't matter: recalibrate the instrument and triple check. OldNoob will be along shortly to tell me something about an analogue master race.

Portuguese, Spanish and Latino cultural event with great food, music and vibes.

Loving the idea of the battle drills ON, thats next level tactics 😎 I like it.

Got me thinking now 🤔

Al- Will add training to the game types thread. Boff and I are working on a basic field manual for nerfing, in an informal way.
Kids and big kids seem to enjoy it. Ideal for a "side activity" to games and a form of modding for player skills! Would work well with your mod shop group, as you only need a cadre of trained players to encourage and lead others.

Also loving what you were doing there ON. I have this wee dream of our regular FDT players forming alliances, naming their teams, using their own gamer tags, and strategising their way through our events.

This weekend for me was all about our FDT 25 event - (4th birthday for FDT) first of all the Modshop, our second, and then our regular skate park event, but this time with added drone!

I picked up a drone and after some instruction from one of the skate park dudes who has one, I was able to get it airborne and start getting used to the controls. You have to really go easy on the throttles as these things will just take off!

Unfortunately the Go Pro battery I used gave up the ghost but while the drone was up I honed my skills.

I'll be taking it to Leeds next Saturday and hope to get some awesome footage - i have a few ideas given the viewing gallery that hangs over the park Wink

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