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What did Santa Bring You?

Merry Crimbo Troops!


Thread hijack Razz I figured we could keep it all in one place. Pictures are recommended. -Boff


Looks awesome, hopefully get my hands on one soon. I must have been a very good boy as Santa brought me a brand spanking new Chronograph Very Happy Can't wait to set it up.

Is this the thread for comparing Christmas Nerf hauls?

A Zeus and mag for my son. An atlas and mag for me. Everyone's happy!

Is the Atlas the shotgun?  Cool 😎

If this is the Christmas blaster thread, then we need pictures I think 😊

Here's our total family haul. Will do a few reviews over the next week.



This will absolutely be making an appearance at Bristol Blast 5!

No new blasters (the ones for my birthday are being counted as xmas prezzies as well), but I did get this t-shirt from my brother. Very Happy


I also got a mastodon. Although I'm not sticking a pic on here lol

The sprog (who is not yet 5) got a Doominator from his uncle who has trouble buying age appropriate toys. 2 mins after dragging it I around he was moaning about how heavy it is.

No blasters for me  (got too many as it is) but was given money towards new motors, batteries and build materials for upcoming projects.

Got a Rhino Fire, after two years of waiting. I'd describe how I felt about finally owning one of these after so long a wait, but words don't do it justice Very Happy

Hyper fire, hack and copeing saw set, red paint, and LED's Smile

Cheapo Hyperfire,  Drill,  Laser level. Got almost everything I need or the next build.  Happy.

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