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What did you do today?

As an update to Oldnoob's 'What didn't you do today' thread, I am starting this thread. Has anyone actually done what they didn't do?

I post this mainly because after several months I finally got round to installing those 5kg springs in My EAT and Retaliator whilst leaving the AR in!

As I sit here at 2:20am uploading and backing up yesterday's wedding photos, I found myself just watching 'loading' timer bars on the PC screen and thought to myself, Screw this! I'm modding!!

2 down. Lots more to go!

May the 4th be with you!

I have nearly got 2 blasters ready for topcoat and have put some more filler and sheet plastic on the Krinkov.

I've got a couple of projects on the go which I did absolutely nothing with, other than change my mind on a paint scheme and buy some more paint. Rebuilt my work space, that was necessary but pretty disruptive

But I did test a whole bunch of used blasters and darts I got, scrapped a couple of ropey ones to make space and get spares/parts out of them, got rid of some on ebay, took all the internals out of one raider and put it in the shell of another one to make one good blaster. Found some pennies inside a Strikefire, jackpot!

(Is it just me that finds sorting used darts incredibly relaxing? Really good ones get put aside for when I'm selling stuff, OK ones get kept for myself, crap ones get put in the big box of dead darts that I'm keeping for no obvious reason... And a state of zenlike calm is achieved. Fetch wood, shoot darts, carry water)

Oh and I lost a load of vortex discs in the garage, I'll be finding them for months. I'm going off vortex, it's not how they shoot, it's how they roll.

I finally brought my car at a carwash today.

Was it dirty?

When I sell my car, it'll come with an acre of quality topsoil thrown in.

You might struggle to sell it though, well unless you've got a 4x4 and your into green laneing.

Round here a layer of topsoil is considered normal!

oukie wrote:
You might struggle to sell it though, well unless you've got a 4x4 and your into green laneing.

It's a very fine offroad mondeo. Amazing where you can get one of those, as long as you've got a nice man with a 4x4 and a rope handy just in case.

What did you do today?

I did a lot of things as soon as I woke up.  Got to cook for my family, fed my puppy, and currently doing some tasks for my work. After this, I still have to attend to other chores and check utility bills for payments.  So difficult but I think, I'm used to these already. Smile

Nerfin', I turned 4 raiders into 2 raiders and a load of bits, scrapped a broken stockade that wasn't worth the shell repair. And totally failed to get into a centerfire sight. And did a bit more on my "quick and easy" stockybarricade. Haven't had much time for this lately but it's nice to unwind, still spending more time on fixes than on mods though and fixes tend to distract me into new ideas.

I finished my cross stitching project and started with a new one.  It has been my hobby for a decade now. Smile

I tried this Fried Oreo recipe and I really like it. Have you tried this?

I finished "The Kardashnikov"

Took delivery of my Blastersmiths EAT Springs and catch plates lets get modding!

I came dangerously close to actually finishing a project I've started, so instead I decided to start hacking up a perfectly good blaster with no clear idea of what I'm going to do next. Sorted.
Venus Doctor

Been looking for new projects to do. Suggestions?

Won 4 Blasters on Ebay for 12 Smile

Put half a retaliator into a Recon mk2 to un**** the performance and fixed the magwell to be compatible with everything (I'd previously fixed it for most clips but 25 drums and the blasterparts banana clip still didn't fit)
Extracted my worker pump action kit from same retaliator
Messed around with solvent welding some broken parts as a test
Did some cronuhmanuhing. Doo doo doodoodoo
Tried to remember what the hell I'm doing to this rapidstrike. Tinkered for a while then put it away again
Fixed an old element that wasn't catching

Just got a cheap chrony so the next thing is rigging indoor lights for it I think, and testing it against the xcortech I've been using. Raided my folks' place for some old incandescent bulbs, they never throw anything away  Very Happy

Last night - spent the night settling a teething baby...

tuesday night, on Oldnoobs advice, swapped the barrel on my demolisher from faux rifled to fluted one from an old raider. Slight increase in accuracy, enough to make it worth while. And cleaned up 2 25 drums, one now feeds fine, the other doesn't feed at all anymore...

Tonight - play with the sewing machine, and see what useful stuff I can produce - mainly after something to put the hammershot in, that isn't belt mounted

Two Mavericks and a Specter Rev-5 from charity shops!

Almost finished minimising a RapidStrike!

Fannied around with some recon 2 parts, welding up the airholes and prepping it to go into another blaster for testing, and repaird my broken retaliator to give it somewhere to go
Fixed a broken raider I got in a joblot- it had a nice clean shell but previous owner had "modded" it so it got a whole breech and piston out of a battered one I had in The Box, and a less squished spring
Dart sorting and gluing. ****ing mk2 koosh.

And then spent ages just connecting random tacticools together, because I am a child, and talked to jodocast about 3d printers, because I am a child with a credit card.

Hydro Dipping!!!!

Second attempt, on my beloved Hammershots.......I had better not muck this up!

After work, went shopping for Aluminium Rods (at B&Q). Almost there with all the materials for my upcoming Homemade/fankenstein blaster!  Very Happy

What diameter are the rods??

Square  section 10mm X 10mm, 1 metre long
Round bar 10mm dia. , 1metre long

9 ish and 7 ish respectively.
The Dark Kitten

So my day

Wake up early 4th day this week.
The  to school 1/2 an hour walk...with blisters. Stll
Theb I sit through a GCSE maths lesson with a student maths teacher telling us what speed and acceletation is
Hmmm didnt know that when I was 5
After went searching through charity shops and found a nice lalique style glass piece and found I have 7.50 to spend on BSUK.

Good day so far.

Thursdays is my School day too  Very Happy  

HNC in Manufacturing Engineering though. Lessons last 1hr 30min, one of them also involves discussing speed and acceleration! (But with plenty of really hard sums to go with it!!!)

It's interesting, but brain-meltingly complicated at the same time!!!

Sent my demolisher to OldNoob to get added awesomeness
Ordered a load of darts, nets and loylaty cards for the Grim Up Nerf events
Ordered some more bits from Blastersmiths
Ordered a lipo and some worker bits
Found and bought a 15 modulus on fleabay
Sent a 7 shiot hammershot barrel to a 3d printer
Ordered a Nerf sword
Bought the final bits needed for a second riot shield

I love payday!

That's a busy, busy day! I'm excited for the new riot shield!

Today I played a football match, taught lots of stuff and am about to go and tutor more stuff.

Took delivery of my recon barrel for the masterkey Laughing

Picked up ebay lot, went charity shopping and found a drink bottle belt for 1 which will shortly be a Hammershot holster!

Bought a car... Which given I can't drive is a strange and costly experience...

Finished the duct tape on the original riot shield, reglued the edges of the second one.
started charging the imrs for the next event

I bought a bunch of blasters on ebay, got them delivered to the office, then was off sick so they've been sat there all week. So today has been Pile O Blasters Testing. Finally got myself a Scout and a zombiestrike crossbow, both of which I'm loving, a working longshot with an ugly shell that'll combine with a nonworking longshot with a good shell I already have, a scabby pyragon for the drum, a bunch of other stuff which will probably end up on ebay... Having a lovely time just playing with blasters, sorting good and bad darts, simple pleasures. Gave a deploy to next door's kid, who says "It's sort of good but it's not", perceptive.

Also tried to finish my many-coloured-crono-testing but had to give up on that as the darts are too tired to give good results, so I guess I'll just wrap it up with the tests I've already done.

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