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What is your most unusual jam?

So, after RNK3 i ended up with a retaliator that wouldn't catch. So of course, i took it apart. Somehow a dart had ended up under the plungertube and catch. No idea how it ended there. So no i just want to hear what is your weirdest or unusual jam? [/img]

Worst jam would be my Jampage at GuN 5 or 6 (BigAl and Franksies first GuN) it ended up being 5 darts folding around and over each other.

I've had the occasional jam where the dart ends up underneath the tube

Weirdest one, a mega stuck inside an atlas?

Weirdest jam? Giving myself Garand thumb on my open top sentinel. Iwas having trouble clearing an existing jam and the bolt de-catched and slammed forward. QQ

Damson and quince makes an odd jam that's surprisingly good with red meats. Oh, wait....

blindgeekuk wrote:
Weirdest one, a mega stuck inside an atlas?

Glad I'm not the only one who's experienced this!

On the subject of the Atlas, there was the time I got a super-soft aftermarket round stuck between the returning breech and lowering lift tube; shearing the round in two and stopping the lift from fully descending and completing the prime. Had to strip it all apart for that one.

My Slingfire used to jam up a fair bit when stock, for no apparent reason: give it a yank or a bash and it'd free up. But since fitting a new spring, gluing the clutch, and greasing everything it's been well behaved.

Get a cheap pair of forceps, I like the slightly curved ones. They should only be a couple of quid on ebay.
They wont reach every thing but great for quick field repairs and pulling out jammed darts.

If you can see it, more than likely you'll get it out.

I bought an EAT off eBay once sold as 'spares or repairs'. It had seven folded and smooshed darts on the barrel. Not quite sure how they managed that.

Yep a jampage for me as well manged to get three folded squished darts in the barrel , no idea how it got like that. Also picked up a demolisher from eBay as spares and repair as it jammed as soon as you pulled the trigger, the flywheels were running backwards Very Happy

Picked up a pair of raiders that apparently didn't work, turns out both had 3 or 4 darts jammed in the barrel, also had an element with 6 darts squished inside the dart holder.

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