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What radio station is your default

I always say you can tell a lot about a person by what they listen to, so driving along or whenever, what radio station do you stick on first?

For me it's the good old BBC R4, or if the archers is on, I flick through the Belfast locals

Ah good one. Classic FM in the car, for me- mostly just because it's so different to what's in the CD player, it's nice for a switch. And I don't know why, but Capital in the garage. It's just kind of playing-in-the-garage music, and about once a fortnight they play something half decent, which I'd have never heard otherwise. (but for every Alesia Cara's there's about 50 bloody Biebers)

In the car, Stray FM, Harrogate's local station

At work, Planet Rock

Magic or Heart for me although I do like to listen to Radio 4 in the van.

If I'm in the car and there are no passengers and/or kids I just appreciate the silence.....

^ This guy gets it. If I'm not listening to the hum and whir of the printers, I like me some good old fashioned thinkin' silence. Very Happy

I listen to Classic FM, I just love classical music. If I'm in the car I will ask my parents for Classic FM but alas most of the time they don't put it on. When I am reading I always play Classic FM.

Usually absolute radio in the car or garage.

Or radio Scotland if theres fitbaw on.

Radio 4, then flick about for music, then my daughter's music CD (nursery Rhymes, Mulan, Hercules, Frozen etc) then back to Radio 4  REPEAT.

Funny, but that's how I live my life flitting from one thing to the next, restless and doing.

If we're talking Radio stations then it's off.

As oldmannerf and boff have said, silence is golden. This is partly because it's nice to have a break from kids/wife and the little voices in my ear at work (literally). But it is also because I cannot stand any radio station.
The Dark Kitten

Good old fashioned radio 4 especially thr 6oclock comedy.
but if im feeling too factually overloaded I'll listen to Radio X (XFM)
daniel k

Usually CDs like the Arctic Monkeys, Catfish and the Bottle men, and the Strokes.

Absolute Classic Rock on the the very rare occasions that I listen to the radio

BBC radio Solent because i'm secretly 50 but don't tell anyone.

I have DAB in my car so its normally locked onto BBC Radio 1xtra in the morning - i will normally flick over to Radio X and listen to Chris Moyles for a bit aswell as he is a Legend.

When I've got bored of the radio i flick to my USB with a load of MP3 aaaaaaand when im bored of that i roll the windows down and boot it so my Exhaust resonated trough the streets! Twisted Evil

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