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What should i attempt for my first mod?

Hi all.

Out of the runs i have listed here which would be the easyist for me to attempt my first mod with?

Styfe (oj)
Retaliator (white)
Modulas esc-10
Mega Magnus
Flip Fury
Roughcut 2x4



I would recommend either the stryfe or the retaliator, depending on how much you like electronics. The stryfe is an excellent workhorse blaster, takes mods well with relative simplicity. The retaliator is a fairly simple springer, and there's a lot you can do with it, if you look into examples of other mods for inspiration. If you're just looking for something combat-worthy, I'd go for the stryfe.

Put simply, it depends on your budget, equipment and level of skill.

A retaliator can be upgraded by simply fitting a spring. The maximum that'll cost is the 5 you'll spend on a new spring and it'll teach you a lot about the mechanics of a spring powered blaster.

Do you have all of the equipment you need to rewire the electronic blasters (soldering iron, solder...etc)? If so then your Stryfe is the next best bet. It gets a little more tricky/expensive here on out because there are different 'tiers' of electronic upgrades.

If you have the necessary equipment and you know which end of the soldering iron to hold, you can give it some simple loving for free, just open her up and remove the unnecessary components. The scale starts to slide upwards from here since fitting new motors will require more cost and skill.

Think I'll start with the relaliator to start with. I used to be on at soldering but not touched an iron in decades.

I think for the posted ones main now I would want to do is just swap to relaliator power mostly to stop the mess worth batteries,

Is there a spring you would recommend for the relaliator?

Blastersmiths UK 5kg Spring works great in the retaliator

I can recommend changing the Roughcut from 2x4 to 4x2 (or in my case 4x1 + 2x2).  May have got all the numbers mixed up there,  it was my first mod, it was easy,  and something different I haven't seen a lot of peeps do.  It Was easy,  but still it was very satisfying when I put everything back together and it worked as expected. Details are on the 'Project Ambition'  build log,  I think (I hope and will check) i linked the original mod guide.

I've got a kind of stock answer that goes, it depends what you want to get out of it. THe easiest mods are so easy they barely even count- you can get good results just taking an elite blaster and shoving a new spring up its bum, done in 2 minutes, 50%+ increase in power, absolutely impossible to beat on value or on hassle. And that's great if that's what you want.

But if you want a project, it's completely useless. You've got to know what you want.

I can only echo the thoughts of others really, in regard to knowing what you want/need, and taking it from there.

One thing I would suggest is taking all of your blasters apart and removing various locks from them, and adding a touch of grease to moving parts. This will just make them operate simpler and smoother. To bypass electrical locks, like the mag and jam door locks, you can usually wedge a bit of folded cardboard, or even a chunk of plastic from a mechanical lock, into the space to keep the microswitch pressed in permanently.

Other simple mods are AR removal on single shot springers; though the verdict is out on whether this is really worth doing on new Elite blasters, as it doesn't give much performance benefit, and increases the risk of damage to your blaster, particularly when dry fired. You can also try adding a wrap or two of PTFE tape under the o-rings of plungers to give a better seal. Some plunger tubes have small air vents in the side that can be filled/taped over to create a better seal too.

On your rough cut you'll find your catch mechanisms are two different heights to give you 2-stage firing. Trim/sand 1-2mm off the shorter one to give a more definite feel to this 2-stage firing.

Have a skim though YouTube mod videos to help yourself become familiar with the various mods.

Well I have ordered the pump grump and mod for the relaliator from the worker mass order, so I'll get a new spring for it and install that and the kit for my first.

Is the 5kg the best to put in or is there anything stronger or would that be overkill?

There is always stronger.

And there's no such kill as overkill.

7kg orange mod works spring is great. 10kg Nerf turf spring is available.

What is the strength of the standard spring?  To give me a frame of reference. And will the 5kg double it and the 10 quadruple the distance?

Standard spring is about 2.5kg. But the improvements don't follow a linear path. Towards the top end the results tail off.

Ah got you.
What do you think about removing the air restrictors in it. I have just looked at a few guides. Some say better to leave them in, others say remove them. What are the pro's and cons?

Something that costs next to nothing but will leave you with the satisfaction of having made your blaster your own and been able to put it back together again: lock removal. Open whichever blast you want up and take out some of the locks which dictate what you can and can't do and when. Lock removal is satisfying and you won't need extra tools apart from a screwdriver and a file.

I think that's a good place to start.

Put a simple spring upgrade in the Retaliator and re-grease for a whole better action, it is amazing the difference this makes! Easy to do and it is always good to have a modded springer.

You can always remove the locks from the stryfe that is pretty easy to do. Then grease the trigger/pusher.

Mod stuff you like and if you like it more mod it more.. it is a slippery path! Pretty soon youll be putting on pump grips/ rewiring and all kinds of things!

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