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Which to get, Double or Triple BSUK Miranda Mag Holder?

Hi all,

I'm thinking of buying the BSUK MKII Mag Holder:

I have a few questions which I figure might be easy to answer by someone who is less of a noob than myself:

1) I'm unsure whether to go for the double or triple.  Triple seems like the more obvious choice - I'm guessing the only disadvantage is that it's bulkier?  Is there any reason to go for the double?

2) I note it says they hold 18 and 15 dart mags.  At the moment I have 2 x 18 mags and several 12 dart mags.  In the future I probably will get a third 18 mag.  In the meantime would the triple variant work with 2 x 18's and 1 x 12?  I imagine a 12 would just be more difficult to fish out, due to the shorter length.

3) Could this be attached to a normal belt that I wear with jeans?  To me that would be preferable compared to purchasing a separate tactical belt.  I can't see any reason why not, unless there is something special about a tac belt that I don't understand.


Firstly, BSUK has an email- if you need to ask direct, and a sub forum here.
Mirandas will take mixed loads of 12 and 18's, the 12's just poke very slightly above the base of the pouch. I sometimes stick one at the front of the pouch, they don't work behind an 18 very well.
If buying mirandas ALWAYS buy the molle version and get the belt adaptors. That means you can run them with anything. No uses if they come with belt adaptors as standard as I make my own. Tutorial on my channel. The new MABS are also strong enough to thread a belt through.
Triples vs doubles- Triples are wider, but take up less horizontal space. For your first buy I would get one or two triples, as they work great on the hip/belt. I have doubles on my bigger battle belt rig simply to help stalking/prone.

Thanks, I think I'll go for the triple then.

The Vertical (90 degree) MOLLE mounted version of these will be supplied with our plastic MABs while belt mounted versions will be supplied as MOLLE versions but with our new belt conversion straps ready fitted

Am I right in thinking I can get the belt mounted version, which is MOLLE and already comes with the belt straps?  I assume the belt straps can be removed in the future if you choose to.  Or are you saying it's better to have the plastic MABs and make your own belt straps?


The belt mount adaptors are removable, the ones I saw were pop snap and it says very clearly in the description. The belt adaptors are more comfortable than using the MABS as an adaptor.
Again, ask direct if unsure as I don't own a single BSUK belt adaptor.

Always go triple. They'll carry 2 just fine and you can then fill them with three when you want/'need/get more. Plus Spud won't murder you for making her sew in tight spaces... Smile

Thank you both, triple it will be!

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