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White voberries/globerries-excessively oversized foam?

I picked up some globerries a while back to mess around with- not expecting performance, btw. But finally tried them out and the foam's so oversized as to cause major problems. In a standard EAT, I got 25-30psi. They fire about 5 inches out of my speedswarm (and are very stiff to fit- you can feel the dart deform as you load it, if you were doing it in a hurry you'd damage some), and won't fire at all from an old AT I had lying around (you can actually hear the air hissing past the dart)

With a more powerful blaster, they do work, probably down about 20fps on average over an elite in my sprung EAT and 2S stock motored RS, but otherwise pretty normal. I don't have anything stronger to try.

I know the glow-in-the-dark foam raised some interest, with thoughts of retipping etc but these seem to be the point where fat tips over into too fat. The blue ones I have don't have the same issue and perform better than sometimes reported, just a little bit under elites. Not sure if this is a common finding, didn't see any posts here so thought it might be of interest.

Boff's testing with the regular Voberry darts showed a 20-30% velocity drop from them across a range of blasters. I bought a test batch because I like glow darts and anticipated using them in a disposable way. I think the whole Voberry thing is a non starter, they have nothing going for them, especially now the gen 3 Koosh has landed. The tip glue is much better on my recent shipment, tidy, cured and tightly fitted.
I never added data because the chrono can't see the white foam accurately enough to give a comparable measurement to the blue.

Fingers crossed for glow Koosh at some point...

Glow koosh would be nice, that's the main reason I posted- I was thinking about retipping some of these but obviously a nonstarter Sad

OTOH if anyone has a use for them that doesn't mind the oversized foam, they'd be welcome to mine, I've no use for em

I bet if you put those through a -3240 setup you will get some really nice results. Not much can cause them trouble, they will shoot taggers and sonics too, the more crush the better as far as I know. I like the idea of these because all the stock, springer, and trustfire people will try to steal my darts, malfunction, and get wrecked.

What seller did you use?

On the subject of Voberry being a "non starter" in general I have to disagree. They do lose you velocity, because they are 1.4g. That is expected. They actually shoot fine, very reliable and consistent for me, and hit hard. Downrange velocity is fine, they carry energy better than lighter darts. Not as accurate as koosh, and the tips can cause flywheel jams due to slipping in cold weather (the compound gets rock hard and it doesn't have much grip to it so just sits there burning) but they are a good expendable durable bashing dart.

I got a lot of helicopters in my last batch of blue ones. The other problem is they are not GC compliant and sellers don't discern well between them and FVJ, especially with pictures. I don't like their balance either.
I still think gen 3 Koosh have the edge overall.[/url]

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