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WolfPack 2, Sat 25th Feb 5-8pm, Yeadon, Leeds

WolfPack Leeds
Wolfpack is a new revolution in indoor Nerf arena combat in Leeds, with a changing battlefield each month, and ranked team combat, played out via fast and furious 10 vs 10 'speedball' games.

Februaries Theme
We're calling WolfPack 2.0 "Lets Bring The Big Guns Out" - players can expect the Atlas, Mastodon, Vulcan, Nitron etc to make an appearance, either as game objectives, team upgrades, or parent exclusives. Expect a return of the Terminator game type, as well as BritNerfers versus everyone else...

We've secured a year long regular monthly booking at 5s Soccer in Yeadon. This former industrial unit is now an indoor soccer centre, with state of the art surface, run by a former professional footballer. They bill themselves as a 5 aside facility, though their pitch is as big as 4 badminton courts, and they have additional benefits, such as a viewing balcony, reception area with drinks on sale, and a large carpark.
The 5s Soccer facility is located at Unit 5, Kirkfield Business Centre, Whackhouse Lane, Yeadon, Leeds, LS19 7LX
This is ideally located a few minutes walk from several bus routes, and about 2 minutes off the main road from Leeds city centre out to Guiseley and beyond.

Event Date
Normally, our times will be 3:30 to 6:30pm, but due to a scheduling conflict in Feb, this months event is Sat 25th Feb, 5-8pm.

WolfPack Leeds comes under the umbrella of a 'pay to play' Nerf event, but WolfPack Leeds will only charge players enough to cover the cost of the venue hire. Based on the current cost, I've set the ticket cost at 3

New Players
New players should check out our Code of Conduct document, on our website and our facebook page, which explains the rules we use, safety guidelines, and how we expect a player to behave. You can find our Liability Waiver on the back of it, we require all players to have handed in a signed and dated print out of it.
Please note, players aged 16 or under MUST be accompanied by an adult.

Loaner Blasters
There will be a substantial selection of front-loading blasters at the event. After signing in, you will be directed towards the tableau of foam flinging goodness where you will be helped to choose a suitable blaster.

Age Restrictions
To allow WolfPack Leeds to be insured, and allow us to use the best blasters around, we have a minimum age for players of 8 years old. We have found that kids under this age can struggle to prime a blaster, don't fully understand our rules, take their eye protection off, and have a lower pain threshold.
All players under 16 years old need a parent to remain on the site throughout the event, and 16 to 18 year olds need a parental consent form signed by their parents in order to attend without them.

Safety And Behaviour
1 - We expect blasters to be in original or brightly coloured schemes, with an orange tip. i.e. nothing (weapon or clothing) to alarm the locals or other building users.
2 - We won't be slowing down to assess performance so if you're primary is modified and there is any chance it might be judged as over powered make sure you have a backup on hand.
3 - We will be providing all darts to be used at the event.
4 - Eye protection is required and some will be provided, glasses users do so at their own risk.
5 - Anyone under 18 requires parental permission, and under 16's require a parent to be on site at all times. Consider it an excuse to get your dad or mum playing
6 - Between games you are expected to help recover and reload darts. Weapons MUST be placed in your Wolf Pack's safe zone in an unloaded state between games. Failure to obey this rule will result in the player being removed from the next game.
7 - If it's not your's, don't touch it without asking
8 - Any abusive, threatening or racist behaviour won't be tolerated.
9 - No smoking, drug taking, drinking, or swearing on the premises.
10 - By attending, we consider this acceptance of the above rules, and your acknowledgement that Nerfing is not without risk, and that you are playing under your own will, and will not hold anyone else liable for any injuries that occur.
11 - And above all else, it's only a game, have fun, and obey the most important rule: Don't be a dick!
The Dark Kitten

This month is a no go but March's ill be down.
A 2 and a half hour journey by public transport but it should be worth it

two weeks to go on this one, and you might have noticed I'm not pushing it a lot on here. I'd love the involvement of BritNerfers, and if you can make it, that great, but at the same time, I think WolfPack might end up being more of a local community thing with a handful of BritNerfers each month, and GuN will be the Leeds BritNerfer event

We've got a full compliment of barriers this month because the parts finally arrived, 10 foam bombs per team, a volleybomb objective marker, and flux markers, and we'll be doing the 10 vs 10 games, and some HvZ, BombRun, Flux and my personal favourite, Terminator.

There are so many local and not so local nerfers around us that I don't think any of the events we run will suffer from a lack of attendance, or should be considered for one group or another.

What's great is they offer a very different style of play at each venue which means anyone who turns up to each event is going to get a different experience. And that can only be a good thing.

I told attendees at today's event about all the opportunities to Nerf in and around Leeds. Let's just focus on making Leeds and Yorkshire the Nerf capitol of the UK!

<Edit so the first sentence made sense!>

Agreed! Leeds is where the Nerf party is!

Leeds potentially has 3 Saturday events per month going forward - that's gonna be hard to beat!

No potentially about, starting next weekend that is the sit rep (making Boff feel at home Smile ). Think I'll be doing all three just to experience all the great Nerf Leeds has to offer....

I'll be there!

Hecka busy this Sat otherwise I'd be there.

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