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Worker 22s... the way forward?

I read Justajolts great review in the review forum and watched various others. It seems initially at least the feed nicely to springers but can cause issues to flywheels due to them feeding darts at an angle because of the slight banana curve, though some felt this may be especially prevalent when overloading the mag or that in general use the vibration would free up slightly stuck darts allowing better feeding.

I didn't want to necro jolts thread but i was wondering,  now that folk must have been giving them hard use for some time,  what are the views are on their practicality? And whether they are worth the extra money when compared to 18s?

Thanks for any input

EDIT: Using 'due' three times in a sentence? No.

I have 1 that gets used extensively at GuN. Feed issues are certainly worse if you try and over fill it, but even with just 22 in I have had feed issues into Bertha. Works better in my springers, because the physical action of priming seems to keep the follower from sticking.

Cost wise, and rig wise, they aren't worth it. Stick to 18's in a Miranda pouch
daniel k

Unless you can get them from Australia, where they are 11 Australian Dollars (7), they are not worth it for 22.

Mine works a charm- it had slightly narrow "lips" which were interfering with some pushers so I eased those out with a hot air gun and now it's pretty much perfect. But it's quite a lot of money so not convinced it's value over 18s, which for me have worked out basically free (buy stampedes)

       BRIT NERF Forum Index -> Q&A and New members
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