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Worker MO

With the help of a lovely chap called 'Noobie' from the SG community, I will be doing a MO of Worker and F10555 kits. Noobie has gone to the trouble of compiling this lovely catalogue so you can see everything on offer in once place. The catalogue is available on my Dropbox.

How this works

We order direct from Noobie on SG. He then orders all of the parts direct from the manufacturer, sorts the individual orders, drops them in a box and ships them direct to the UK. This avoids any Taobao agent fees and worrying about shipping weights and also greatly reduces shipping costs although, it can take longer than going through Taobao.

Postage is calculated after items have arrived in SG and are ready for dispatch. Since it's one package it is usually considerably lower than Taobao prices which is awesome. I've used Noobie a couple of times and he's a good chap. I'm happy to vouch for him.

So, choose what you want from the list, pay me by Saturday 14th and I'll make the order. After a couple of weeks you'll get a postage quote which will include forward postage and tax. After that, just sit back and wait for the thud on the doorstep.

Feel free to ask questions, otherwise, post your shopping lists below.

Awesome- Am I right to assume the prices are SGD?

Northwind wrote:
Awesome- Am I right to assume the prices are SGD?

Yes, all catalogue prices are SGD.

Oh oh oh!

These for me please

WORKER stefan darts tips
(1 gm, hard tip)
$25 for 500 pcs

WORKER stefan conversion kit (retaliator)

Where am I sending the funds to?

Can you wait until end of the month? I have stuff to go in the order.
Good on Noobie for hooking us up, he's one of the good guys fir sure.

OldNoob wrote:
Can you wait until end of the month?

Noobie wants all UK orders in by 14th but there'll be other MOs for sure.

OK, will send you my list. Payment to usual address? In GBP?

So. Many. pretties.... I'll Pm you my list

Keep lists in this thread please. Much easier to collate.

I'll pm people individually for payment.

For now Id like to order 2x of the Stryfe mag release levers at $3 each (1.72 each at current exchange rates). I dont think I can afford much more this month, and Id likely go overboard if I allowed myself anything more than this!

Whats the likely additional cost of P&P etc. to be added?

1 set of Stryfe/RS worker wheels-    $12
1x folding buffer stock -                  $25
1 pair Black Rice motors-                $12

Total-                                            $ 49

Ill Have a Worker Mag release.

I've been a numpty and confused my dates. The closing date for the order is actually Saturday but that shouldn't matter too much.

Just to reiterate, I'll be taking payment this week for the items only. Postage fees will be payable when the package is ready to ship. At this time I can't say how much postage will be because it depends on how big the final package is. If you want a sense of perspective, last time we ordered through Noobie someone ordered 8 full kits and only paid 12 for postage including their share of the duty.

i am interested in the worker adjustable foldable adjustable stock but dont see it on your dropbox. could you see if your conact can get me a price for it.

can be seen here

I would like:

Stryfe side rail stubs - white $5
5cm picatinny rails (two pieces) - $4
jssap SMG buttstock - White $20

Need to add the F10555 Longshot Pump Grip BOTTOM RAIL to my order,


4 sets of RS/stryfe flywheels please  $48

Ok Ive caved in. 6 sets of Stryfe/RS flywheels and two Stryfe Mag releases. $78


I'll be contacting you all shortly.

Set of demolisher fly wheels please.

OK,managed to talk myself out of a lot of stuff I don't need. So that must mean I need all of these!

WORKER longshot buttstock (fixed) $25 (white)
F10555 longshot full length top  picatinny rail (tape down version) white $30
22 - round STANAG(solid orange) $20 x1
rapidstrike / stryfe flywheel replacement $12 x2 $24
demolisher flywheel replacement $12
true 8KG elite alpha trooper / retaliator spring $9
MOD PARTS stryfe mag release) $3



Right, everyone should have received a PM with payment instructions by now.

The deadline for payment is 20:00 this evening at which point I'll be locking this tread and sending the money and our order to my man in Singapore.

I'll keep everybody updated on our progress via this thread.

Is it too late to order something fast. I can send the money now.

This i am interested in.

WORKER cast metal retaliator shotgun grip (w foregripset) $50

If my maths is right should be 28 quid i think


Thanks for making this easy everybody. I'll update the thread as the order progresses.

I think I've received all payments now. Your goodies will be in the post Monday.

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