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Worker pusher in standard flywheels?

Following an attempt to reshape a heat warped Worker RS flywheel which only resulted in a spectacular display of how poorly I understand centrifugal force... I'm left to reinstall the stock wheels.

Question is, do I take out the Worker extended pusher as well? Will it give me a benefit, no benefit or be a hinderance?

Unless anyone is looking to sell of a single or pair of Worker RS flywheels?

I've got a single one left over from a similar incident if you want to give it a try

If you have stock RS flywheels then they will likely be warped or not true, so I would snap up Franksies extra worker wheel, the worker pusher will work fine with the stock wheels, but RS flywheels are the worst quality Nerf ones. I have built a lot of RS' and never been able to re use a single set.

I saw the video. Really wishing I'd left the thing well alone after I'd finished up on the initial fitting and rewire and not felt the need to tinker further, it's turned a success beyond my usual expectations to a disaster well within them...

Franksie, I'd love to, pm'ed.

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