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The Dark Kitten

Worker Stefans/Cut down darts

Was just flicking through F10555's buy china after i asked something on Nerf Modders Welcome
Also Old_man_nerf found it just as i was writing this up.
They look solid to be honest and worker has good quality stuff (so far) so i have high opinions on this.
As said by Oldnoob artifact darts are crap. So here we might have a viable dart source other than cut downs. It looks from the images a Worker Stefan magazine so there's another one of Artifacts issues sorted.
Link -


As much as I love the worker kit and hope this opens up the use of shorter darts some more, the question it really poses for me is what is the Chinese Nerf scene like to generate this much development in a short space of time.

Body kits, internals, darts, mags, flywheels, etc is an impressive range. It must be for an internal market if it's on taobao. I'm just interested in what they use all this stuff for.....

Those look like a cut down FVJ. At least the tip shape is better than the ACC style ones.

5.28 for 50 puts them about halfway between elites and koosh in terms of price

I heard the breech and darts both suck from a couple people in singapore who tried them. Loose barrel and dart tip sits too far from foam (gap) on the question of the chinese Nerf scene, it's really big and they play a lot more milsim style.

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