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World record attempt.

Good Day all.
I am currently trying to set up a world record. The Biggest Nerf game.(application is already being processed by the GWR)

I am looking for 3 volunteers to help me organise this and take part in as well.

My company is only 4 months old and trying to steal the stars as we grow. (may I say it has been an amazing 4 months with loads more to come)

If you are interested or have any advice you might want to throw my way please do so.

Kind regards R.

Any ideas of where this would be held or how many players would be needed?

Hi there Davera. It will take place in Edinburgh or Sheffield.

Hasn't someone just organised something like this and used the Dallas cowboys stadium?

I doubt the Sheffield United stadium (however fine it is!) is quite going to compete with that...

Yeh they did it was 2,400 players. (just checked) I am sure we could do this.....


Moved to the 'Wars' forum because I feel this is the natural place for this discussion

Hey fella,

Could we perhaps learn a little more about you and your company before we decide whether or not we can help?

Any ideas what venue this would be held at? If you want to organise a gathering of over 2,000 people you will need a private premises and at that sort of capacity, it won't be cheap. The alternative is to use a public space but then you will need the cooperation of the local council and you'll need to pay the local constabulary to police it for you.

What is the extent of your public liability insurance for the event? Will the voulinteer organisers be covered by this policy even if they're not directly employed by you?

Very ambitious if it went ahead I'd be up for it

If in Sheffield, pm me and I'll see what I can do.


Hi.. My name is Ron and I own (still doing website)

I have only had the company for 4 months and it is going through the roof a lot faster than i can handle. Even managed to franchise my company out in 2 city's.
The event I am organising is for to raise money for help for heroes.
I have strong tie-ins with the army in Edinburgh and surrounding areas. I am currently doing after school clubs, parties, along with 9 major gala events so my target audience and backing is huge and should be able to pull it off fingers crossed. I have already spoke to a couple of big companies who said they would like to help with this and the support of 9 smaller companies. papers and radio coverage is next on the list.
Tickets will only be £10 to participate. and the chance to get a world record cert will cost extra if you want one.

America holds the record for 7 mins of play with 2400 players.

even with the events and things organised the amount of people i can reach on my gala days and army days etc will be over the 60k mark so I think this is achievable.... Razz

2 of my friends are event managers and will be helping me to coordinate things. one of the places that I am waiting to hear back from is 420,000 sq feet. there will be places for stalls etc to help promote people that mod up Nerf guns etc.  

The event will have 10m public liability insurance and employers liability insurance. just waiting to hear back from the insurance company if this would be coved under my insurance or i will have to take out a single event insurance. as for security I was in the industry for loads of years so i have plenty of badged officers willing to help keep the peace..  so i will keep you informed.

I would avoid any Nerf modding promotion if you want corporate sponsorship, be aware also that the Nerf name and logo are licenced in the UK to one company and they can be quick to enforce their rights. Note no mention of the word or logo in our regular organisations names and promo materials.

The world record is, as far as my googling can find, for the 'largest toy gun battle' (like OldNoob pointed out, it doesn't use the brand name), and is for 5 mins of play, with 577 people (though the organiser claims 588).
There is an attempt this coming weekend, at the Dallas Cowboys stadium, where over 2700 tickets have been sold at $16.

Your post, and various web presences raises some serious concerns with me:
Your website shows you selling Nerf branded goods of your own design/creation
Your website shows 3 'classes' with various silhouetted images of old Nerf blasters, most of which would be unavailable to anyone starting only 4 months ago, and no explanation of the classes system in play.
In none of the images on your site or your facebook page, does it look like any of the players are actually using Nerf brand blasters, rather they look to be using cheap imitations.
Edit: I lie, I failed to identify the blaster as the Dart Tag Stinger
On your facebook page, it looks from the pictures that you have items from a competitor's product line for sale.
You state tickets would be £10, and then more if you go for the world record. Why would there be an additional cost?
420,000 sq feet is BIG, that's twice the largest halls at the Birmingham NEC, and I know how far in advance that has to be hired, and how much it costs. And yet you have not provided us a date or location for this potential world record attempt

I don't think we can criticise the guy for not using Nerf blasters at his events and the word Nerf isn't Hasbro's IP, only the logo.

First off, a 10m PLI policy won't cut it for an event of this scale. The average compensation for personal injury due to negligence is upwards of 500k. Your policy needs to be able to cover at least 20% of your audience should the worst happen, but preferably everyone. Also, you'll find that most PLI policies will only cover people under your direct employment. Unless you pay your fellow organisers then it's likely they won't be covered.

As with anything, the first hurdle will be the venue. If you can find somewhere that is on board with your idea and has the capacity you need then everything else will fall into place. FYI, a warehouse space will not be designed for the capacity of people you want to attract. There won't be enough fire exits for starters. Your best bet would be to find a large enough events venue. You might want to look towards Glasgow. The SECC would be perfect and they can help provide first aid and security. Failing that, an outdoor arena but then you'll have to provide toilets, security, refreshments, parking etc...

But what am I saying? Your "events organisers" should be on top of all this by now. After all, this is all stuff they should know.

If there are pro even organisers on board, they'll have addressed all of the above. I agree. I think it sounds exciting! Not often we get to be better than the states at something. Apart from Cricket.

I just re-read my last post and realised the last part comes across a little bitchy. Apologies for that, it's not how I intended it to sound.

Lol. not bitchy. informative.
the Nerf guns you seen were start up and back up guns for use. I now use the Dart tag in all my events.

The reason for asking on the forums was to hopefully tap into the wealth of knowledge and helpfulness I have heard about from other people. I will make stumbling mistakes and unmovable blocks that you might be able to help me with on my journey.

I have read their above comments and thought yup. True .True. need to think bigger venue. Since I am donating the money to Help for heroes I was thinking of asking one of the army barracks in helping with the space issue. the place in livingston was the w/house that argos used to use to supply its shops and has sat empty for the last 2 years. as for the insurance endsleigh insurance quoted in the area of £1100 for the event if there is no more than 5000 people attending. with up to 75 employees.

the world record attempt will be bring your own blaster. i am currently on albia to source a price for rounds. So if any one has any info and help on this one please shout out... as for the £10 that is only the entry fee. if they wish a world certificate they will have to pay GWR for the cert as we don't hand it out.

as for the blasters they were purchased from B&M and built up over time so cheap was the key to get me moving before i bought 100 duel dart tag box sets. (unfortunately i did not have the full money to start all at once so big hut  and most of my monthly wages were spent on gathering equipment)
everyone: thank you for your comments and i will take them under my wing as they are all valid points.

Have you priced up on koosh darts?


dabrad89 wrote:
Have you priced up on koosh darts?

no not yet. i am looking at suppliers at the moment.

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