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Worlds First Touchscreen Controlled Stryfe! (Possibly!)

I thought I'd share my latest creation with you.

The Worlds First Touchscreen Controlled Nerf Gun!

Well it may not be the first, but I haven't seen another one!

It has a Raspberry Pi Zero controlled touchscreen interface, which in turn controls an Arduino Nano in the shell. The RPI is housed in an old project box, and communicates over USB to the Nano.

It has got buttons for the tac light built into an old Nerf red dot, a red dot laser hused in the end of the barrel, blue LED strobes in the barrel and a dash cam night vision camera mounted on an old iron sight.

The screen also allows me to very the motor speed, displays a shot counter (with automatic reset on reload), motor temp gauge and battery level gauge.

It is powered by a 11V 3S lipo housed in the adapted stock, with a 3A BEC to power the electronics and if I wish, chuck full voltage to the motors.

All the wiring is renewed, but the internals are stock.

Now I know throwing 11V at stock motors isn't good for longevity, but it has a timer that drops the voltage after 5 seconds, and the price of a new Stryfe for parts is cheap enough not to worry about it. I may get round to upgrading the motors when these ones die.

I didn't build this for maximum FPS or range, it was built mainly to see what I could possibly fit in a Stryfe, and to teach myself how to code the Arduino, learn Python for the RasPi and how to use QT and C++ to get the touchscreen to work. Its going to be my sons gun, so it will get battered (oh and have an orange barrel end). So yes, a lot of the mods are pointless, but its a learning curve.

Originally I built this gun with the LEDS and NV Cam and it was controlled by an old mobile phone for which I wrote an app that controlled the arduino via bluetooth. When it died and totally rebuilt it into this. I'm sure my old post from years ago is still here if you look for it.

Here is a link to the youtube video that shows it off a bit better than the photos.

Short video of the first prototype screen operation

Anyway, let me know what you think!

Early internals shot


This makes me happy in my pants. Awesome work.

That is one very impressive peice of kit!
How many hours have you sunk into that project?

I dread to think.

Its been an on off project for well over a year.

I would guess at over 100 hours, but most of that would be taken up with software over hardware. I knew nothing about RPI's or QT5 and very little about C++

The paint job is the easy bit!

That's the kind of thing I love to see, something a bit different and fun, good to see another person messing with the Raspberry Pi and Nerf.

I also seem to remember a blaster with a mobile phone attached to the side of it a few years back, I'm guessing that's the one you were referring too Smile

I'm kind of glad my current Pi based project isn't ready yet, as yours (with sexy touchscreen) is a bit more impressive Smile Is your Dash cam integrated into the Pi or is it a separate unit?

I would love to see some video of its various features in action.

The youtube links give a better impression.

I will try and get some more photos up late.

Yes the mobile phone one was my first attempt at modding a Nerf gun.

A few more photos and a crappy iphone video in the dark

Touchscreen and RPI

Touchscreen Brackets a la Meccano!

Custom USB to provide power and communicate with Arduino

Red Dot helped by a little vape  Wink

Barrel Shot

Night Vision Cam

The touchscreen interface is looking very smart, I see we are both handling the Ammo counter using a switch in exactly the same place Smile

I also really like the LED's in the barrel, I wanted something kind of similar myself I just couldn't figure out the best way to do it so I've put it to one side for now, after seeing yours I may have to revisit.

And bloody genius!

The LEDs in the barrel was originally going to be using a couple of spring contacts so the barrel could be removed but it proved too difficult.

So I used a piece of 3 core black flex. 1 common 5v and the other two grounds via TIP120's (a bit of an over kill but I have got loads!) switched via the Arduino.

The strobe was a small board with a 555 timer and a decade counter but the one I made was a bit big so I opted for a eBay special that used discretes.

The bit I haven't noted is built within the tac light housing is a mini air pump that blows into an old e-cig that I had piped into the FW cage to simulate it getting hot. Again it was just an idea that came to me. It used 0% nicotine Vg/PG so just produced a vapour.

The problem is 1.8ohm resistance coils at 5v plus everything else running drew far too much current so I've left it for now.

Meccano is perfect for bracketry, just don't tell the kids!

this is soo awesome

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