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WTB: 12 Round Elite mags & tac rail accs

I'm after a couple of 12 round Elite mags, as cheap as possible. I'm also interested in any of the 12 round flip clips. Ideally I'd like to get my hands on 2-3 minimum before next weekend.

I would also like to get my hands on any broken tac rail accessories you may have lying around. I'm scrounging the clips from the bottom of them to make other clip on accessories.

Payment via PayPal, or can trade cash at BB6/Blastersmith Tech Day next weekend.

I've got 3 genuine Nerf 12 round mags for sale.

PM me to discuss.

I'll need to check, but I think I have 1 x 12 mag that came with my retaliator.  If you want it drop me a PM. I'll check if I do actually have it when I get home from work this evening.
UK Foam

Kieren I have loads of 12 round magazines


Please keep trading threads on topic. If you wish to make offers like this, do so via PM and don't hijack someone else's thread. -Boff

       BRIT NERF Forum Index -> Trading
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