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WTB Artefact Red Cage

Title says it all. I'm looking for a red cage without wheels for, er, reasons and would rather check if anyone has this side of the Great Firewall before I head over to BuyChina and grab one from there.

Wheels are optional, if you've got the pair then I'll buy both but would prefer just the cage. Happy to pay now and wait for a few days to account for the Christmas madness. Payment will be via PayPal and I'll pay for RM postage. Drop me a PM if you have one spare that you'd like to part with (and only then).

Thanks y'all.

If you find a working link please post it - all of mine have expired

Will do. Of course, that assumes I find one. If I have to order in, I'll probably buy a bunch and flog them through the business. BritNerfers get first dibs of course. Smile

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