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WTB Centurion priming bar.

Picked up a huge joblot on Gumtree that included three centurions but sadly one is missing its priming bar, just wondering if anyone has a spare one knocking about that they don't need or maybe a longshot one after fitting a pump grip, not sure if that fits though? Cheers.

What about one of UKNerfWars metal priming handles?

I've got some m4 (I think) threaded bar that I've used to create long shot priming bars in the past if you want some?

Ive a longshot priming bar Al, will stick in the bag for Saturday.

Cheers Rab, I'll give that a try and see if it fits Very Happy

The Centurion needs two separate bars unlike the LS or LK that has one long one.

I can supply some shiny metal ones or you can have some stock ones for the price of postage if you want.

Cheers UK Nerf War I would take a stock one off you if you have one. I forgot about it being in two parts. Pm me please with details and I can sort you out. Cheers Very Happy

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