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WTB Clear 18 round mags

I know it's a long shot but does anyone have any clear 18 round mags  (the one that comes with a rapidstrike) that they could either sell or swap for stampede 18s?

Not Nerf official, so not exactly what your after but maybe worth a try?

Thanks Rab, looking for official ones though got enough orange mags to keep me going until I can get them.

I just recieved by 18 round clear mags that i ordered from the same ebay seller. I posted this in another forum thread but thought i would share my findings since they were mentioned here.

"Just recieved my mags. only got a strafe in the car to test with but fits fine with no filing needed. I recived two mags. one is absolutly perfect. The other the spring was not bent quite right so kept getting stuck. Just opened it up and a quick squeeze with a pair of nedlenose and it is working fine. They do Hold 18 darts perfectly."

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