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WTB Elite 12 Dart Clips

Quite new to the whole scene, and since Nerf have decided my replacement clips have to be novelty sized or fit a pea shooter, I thought I'd head here to see if anyone has any 12 dart clips going! I personally think they're the best fit for the retaliator.

Open to price negotiation, and if you happen to live relatively close to me, I could also collect if delivery is costly (not sure on these things!)

Thanks in Advance! Very Happy

There are some really cheap knock of 12 dart mags on eBay

They need a little fettling but there are vids on youtube

Thanks for the advice, but I'd still like to leave this open in case anyone is willing to part with some official clips! My main reasons are that:

1) I'm a stickler for consistency, and any imitation products would be nitpicked pretty quickly, and
2) I'm too lazy to warrant the whole 'fettling' process  Laughing

However, if nothing comes up i'll definitely give these a look as a last resort. Appreciate the reply good sir!

How many are you after? I think I have 4 spare at the mo, I could do all 4 posted for 20 or a bit less if you can collect from Edinburgh

(remember you can get new ones in the modulus flip clip set, 16 for 2)

Oh My Goodness! I had never even considered the flip clip! Aside from the non- clear side, I think this is going to be my best solution. Thanks for the help guys!

Dan_jackson1985 wrote:
There are some really cheap knock of 12 dart mags on eBay

You can go cheaper than that. Here are the ones I found:

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