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WTB Longshot Pump Grip and Spring

Ideally looking for a shotgun priming grip that requires the front underside of he blaster to be removed.

Also looking for a 12-16kg spring and catch spring.

Not on a tight budget but also don't want to spend too much
Starfalcon Tactical

sounds like an interesting mod!
For springs I can't recommend asking on here for springs or pump action kits. In my opinion I am a big fan of the springs from abt definitely check out orange mod works and gavinfuzzy's etsy store. All are great places for mod kits that you might want. if you look around you might find one that includes a pump and a spring kit.

Keep an eye on this thread though because you never know what people might have lying around and you may get it for a cheaper price but if not then feel free to PM me for some links to kits.

I have a basic pump grip that goes over the bipod area (external prime) made from line bent acrylic and aluminium bars, but it won't handle more than 14 kgs so not exactly what you are looking for. As for springs, I can recommend the Nerfturf springs, the Blastermodshop 14kg, although a cut down k26 will provide a more consistant performance over time if you don't mind dropping a bit of power.

I have K26 for sale, pm if required.

How much you selling pump grip for ?

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