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WTB Longshot spring (7 or 10kg - maybe 14) and brass tube

Now I have a thrift store (thanks USA) barricade and longshot - I need some bits.

I've already chucked an RC car 2S lipo in the Barricade and it works nice (with some innertube glued to the flywheels - hopefully it'll last).

Now I need to get working on the Longshot...

I know I can get brass online, but wondered if anyone has some spare froma project that I can buy for a longshot angel / sleeper breech.

Also, I'll need a bigger spring, but those seem rarer? Can anyone hook a brother up? I'm happy to buy / collect at GuN or ZHoM if I get to either this Nov.



Don't own a second spring but this the one i use and it works a treat.;sr=8-10&keywords=Orange+mod
The Dark Kitten

Blaster Parts have a 9kg for cheaper on amazon.
Both springs will need a bolt sled re-enforcement which you can do with sheet aluminium.
Spring -
Reinforcement -

Cheers DK, I have got the bolt sled reinforcement covered (I have some sheet Alu)

Might see you at ZHoM 4, as a few of us are thinking of coming up from the Saaaaaf and staying with a friend in Chorlton
The Dark Kitten

At Zhom 4 I'll have a 5kg artifact LS that you can check out there.
Might be 9kg in fact depends on what happens

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