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WTB - Looking for original Motors

I am completely aware of MTB's line of excellent motors both 130 and 180, but I have never owned a motor pre MTB. I always liked the Meishels and the Falcons. If anyone has any of these that they would be happy to sell, please PM me!

So when you say "original motors" you actually mean; older aftermarket mod motors, like, as you say Meishels, falcons etc?

You realise that Falcons are Rhinos in a different package, right? They're an identical wind and everything.

As for Banshees or Meishels, they're not as efficient (particularly Banshees) as the current MTB batch and I see no need to opt for them other than some rose tinted faux nostalgia. We stock MTBs with the company for a reason... Razz

Ah okay fair point, I'll just stick to MTB.

Meishels are far better than Honeybadgers, Banshees are slightly more torque but hotter than Meishels.
If you want Banshees then search Ebay for 6v DC 28000rpm 130 motor. The meishels are no longer in production, I have 2 but they aren't for sale.
If it's 2s 130 mastery you seek, the Haibao Black Pig is where it's at. Message me if you want some links for those, they are Taobao only.

what is the link (might get a batch) for the black pigs

I found supposed meishel motors here:;ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT
Not sure, hunted it down on youtube comment

Those are Banshees, the same seller as Meishels, using the same listing style but DIFFERENT motors.
Both my Black Pig links are out of stock/not listed.

found the black pigs on dhgate;uk

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